Alloush: Syria’s ambassador acting as Anjar governor


Future Movement Politburo member former MP Mustafa Alloush said the campaigns directed against the Future Movement are being directed by the Syrian intelligence with a green light from the Iranian intelligence through Hezbollah adding that Syria’s ambassador in Lebanon, Ali Abdul Kareem Ali is acting in his accusations against MP Jamal Jarrah as the governor of Anjar. “

This is in reference the headquarters of the Syrian Intelligence during the 30 year military occupation of Lebanon. Rustom Ghazali was the last Syrian Intelligence chief based that was based in Anjar and he was acting as the governor. Anjar is in eastern Lebanon and within minutes from the Lebanese Syrian ( Masnaa) border crossing .

During an interview with Future TV Alloush said Ali’s behavior is far removed from diplomacy … it is the kind of behavior that damaged the Lebanese Syrian relations

during the past years. He said Ali is trying to justify the conspiracy theory that is being promoted by the Syrian regime in which it is alleging that foreign elements are behind the Syrian revolution.

Asked about the position of Speaker Nabih Berri with regards to the accusations against Jarrah he said :

” For some one who has crowned himself as the speaker of Lebanon for 21 years , Berri has not done enough.. He has not done his duty in defending a member of the parliament who is supposed to have immunity . He has not done enough in defending the dignity of the parliament.”

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been facing the biggest challenge to his rule. Popular protests demanding greater freedoms and an end to corruption erupted over a month ago in southern Syria and spread to the capital Damascus and most cities in Syria. Last Friday witnessed the largest ever protest and there are reports pointing to more protests this coming Friday since the Christians were urged to participate on Great Friday.

Just like the Egyptian, Tunisian and Libyan regimes the Syrian regime has been blaming foreigners for the protests. Last week the Syrian regime accused a Lebanese Future movement legislator of funding and arming the opposition to fuel a wave of protests in the country, a charge that was repeatedly denied by the party and MP Jamal al Jarrah.

Following the airing of the Syrian allegations Jarrah told LBC “Interfering in Syria’s internal affairs is out of the question”.

“We have neither the ability nor the intent to interfere in Syria’s domestic affairs,” Jarrah stressed

“We do not allow anyone to interfere in Lebanese internal affairs. If Syria has a case to discuss, it can address the government and the judiciary through the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” He added