Future Movemen: Hezbollah doesn’t know any better


The Future bloc issued a statement on Friday responding to Hezbollah’s accusations that the Future Movement is interfering in Syria.

“The Loyalty to Resistance bloc ( Hezbollah) has eagerly rushed to condemn a broad Lebanese political movement without a trial, documents or evidences, in a manner which does not deviate from its well-known, constant approach of launching accusations and disregarding the judiciary.”

The Future bloc denied any interference in the current Syrian unrest, adding that “it wishes only security and stability for the Syrian brothers.”

The statement added that ” Hezbollah MPs have not changed their mode of conduct in pointing fingers and neglecting the judicial process” a reference to the party’s accusations against the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and its probe of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s 2005 assassination.

“If there was a Lebanese party involved in Syria’s unrest, the Syrian Justice Ministry would have submitted a complaint about it in accordance with the 1951 agreement between Lebanon and Syria “, the statement added

Future Movement statement comes after Hezbollah MPs issued on Thursday a statement accusing the Future Movement of being involved in the anti-regime protests in Syria.

The Syrian authorities are reportedly unhappy with Hezbollah for not taking actions in Lebanon in support of the embattled regime which is facing daily protests throughout the country . The Hezbollah MPs according to a Lebanese analyst may have issued the statement against Future Movement to appease their Syrian backers . He added; “Hezbollah doesn’t know any better. “