Most probable lineup of the proposed Lebanese cabinet, report


The Kuwaiti newspaper al An Ba’a reported that PM Designate Nagib Mikati has proposed a cabinet lineup to president Michel Suleiman , with whom he met Tuesday and Wednesday . According to the paper sources the following is the most probable lineup but nothing is final so far due to the dispute over allocations within the March 8 parties , Mikati and the president.

Muslim Sunnis (6 portfolios ): Najib Mikati (PM ), Mohammad Safadi (financel), Leila Solh (Education), Abdul Rahman al-Bizri or Faisal Karami (environment), Adnan Kassar or Alaa Terru (state).

Christian Maronites (6): Ziad Baroud (interior ), Gibran Bassil (energy), Fadi Abboud (Tourism), Chakib Kortbawi (justice), Wissam Baroudi (Youth and Sport), Salim Karam (state).

Muslim Shiites (6): Mahmoud Berri (Foreign ), Mohammed Jawad Khalifa (health), Yassin Jaber (information) , Mohammed Fneish (management development), Hussein Hajj Hassan (Agriculture), Trad Hamadeh (state).

Christian Orthodox (4): Fayez Ghosn ( Deputy PM ), Samir Muqbil (defense), Nicolas Nahhas (Economy), Asaad Hardan or Yacoub Sarraf (Labor).

Druze (3): Ghazi Aridi (works) Talal Arslan, or Marwan Khair ad Din (Displaced), Wael Abu Faour (state).

Christian Catholics (3): Charbel Nahhas (Communications), Nicolas Fattoush (Culture), David Issa (state).

Armenians (1): Alan Tabourian (industry).

Minorities (1): Habib Afram (state).

President Suleiman is still insisting on keeping the ministries of Interior and defense

Notes about the candidates:

Abdul Rahman al-Bizri ;  Sidon city  Mayor

Faisal Karami: Son of former PM Omar Karami

Leila Solh Hamadeh : Daughter of the former Prime Minister Riyadh Solh

Chakib Kortbawi: Former head of the Lebanese Bar Association

Wissam Baroudi: Son-in-law of Lebanon’s President Michel Suleiman

On March 8 Mikati said  that he won’t announce a cabinet that doesn’t include at least 10 or 15 ministers that he would be proud of.

“I can wait. I don’t want a one-sided cabinet and I won’t announce a government (lineup) that doesn’t include at least 10 or 15 ministers that I would be proud of,” he told An Nahar.

Based on the above configuration it is obviously  one sided cabinet . The question on his mind must be: ” Does it include the 10 or 15 that he can be proud of ?

The Iranian and Syrian -backed Hezbollah brought down PM Saad Hariri’s government on January 12 over the Special Tribunal for Lebanon’s (STL) imminent indictment which is widely expected to implicate Hezbollah members in the assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri in 2005

Mikati was appointed in January as the PM designate with the backing of the Hezbollah March 8 alliance and MPs Walid Jumblatt and Mohammad Safadi following the collapse of Hariri’s unity government. March 14 leaders have repeatedly said that intimidation from Hezbollah’s weapons helped secure the parliamentary majority for Mikati’s nomination.

Jumblatt and his PSP parliament members reportedly switched allegiance to Hezbollah’s PM candidate, following threats by Hezbollah.

Jumblatt, Mikati and Safadi were all elected on March 14 electoral tickets during the 2009 parliamentary elections.

Hezbollah is now claiming the parliament majority and reportedly wants the government to be formed as quickly as possible due to the turmoil in the Middle East and in order to to be in full control of the country when the STL indictment is made public.