Mikati: My nomination by Hezbollah is only to protect the Resistance


Lebanon’s Prime Minister designate Najib Mikati told AFP on Tuesday : “My nomination by Hezbollah does not make me committed to any political stance other than protecting the Resistance.”

This is a possible reference to Hezbollah’s five point plan.

Mikati was nominated by Hezbollah on Sunday following his meeting with Syrian president Bashar al Assad in Damascus Syria.

According to reports the Hezbollah led opposition received Mikati’s assurance that he will implement a five-point plan before agreeing to Syria’s decision to name him as their premiership candidate.

The five point plan calls for:

1- Withdrawing the cooperation protocol between Lebanon and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon STL) .

2- Withdrawing the Lebanese judges from the STL

3- Halting the funding of the tribunal

4- Referring the false witnesses file to the Lebanese judiciary council

5- Bolstering Lebanese-Syrian ties

Mikati was a staunch ally of Hariri during the 2009 parliamentary elections. His change of position has puzzled some Sunnis.

“In this time of crisis and amid political struggles occurring on the ground, I decided that there must be a project to save the country,” Mikati said at a news conference on Monday.

Mikati dodged a question on the 5-point plan issue on Monday, but observers believe that Hezbollah would not have supported Mikati’s election without a guarantee that he would discredit the tribunal.