Siniora is the new target of Hezbollah attacks


Former Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad siniora is the new target of attacks by Hezbollah led March 8 alliance.

This comes after Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah accused Siniora and his cabinet of trying to prolong the 2006 July War, during his televised speech last Thursday.

“Siniora gave a great deal to the Resistance,” Al-Jamaa al-Islamiyya MP Imad al-Hout said in defense of Siniora and questioned the allegations made by Nasrallah against the former PM .

Hezbollah MP Nawwaf Moussawi repeated on Saturday Nasrallah’s accusations against Siniora:

He told LBCI that during the 2006 July War, French officials told him that Siniora’s government wanted the war to continue until an agreement was reached that would eliminate Hezbollah’s presence south of the Litani River.

And today Moussawi asked “Does anyone believe that Siniora was defending the Resistance? ” according to National News Agency (NNA) .

He also said : “Siniora traveled to Sudan before the 2006 July War broke out to attend the Arab Summit where he tried to delete all references to the Resistance from the summit’s final statement. Some Arab leaders intervened and prevented this from happening,” Moussawi said, adding that Siniora also tried to do the same thing in the Ministerial Statement of his cabinet.

“Sinora also attempted to disburse the compensations for the [summer] war and manipulate them.” He added.

Did the world forget the Bristol conference –held after the July War by the March 14 coalition – which called for disarming the Resistance?, the MP asked. “How can someone who did that be defending the Resistance?,” he added.

Why did Siniora insist – after the UN Security Council Resolution 1701 was issued – on tasking the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) with confiscating arms from south of the Litani River even if they had to raid houses?, Moussawi also inquired, adding that the intent was to disarm the Resistance and drag the country into a civil war by pitting the LAF against the Resistance.

“If Siniora wants evidence and records, then let us begin with the cabinet’s minutes during the [2006] July War,” he added.

Siniora’s response

“Moussawi is repeating a story that no one believes” Siniora’s press office said on Saturday.

During the war, French and US officials offered Siniora’s government a deal to end the fighting with a multi-national force deployed south of the Litani River, but Siniora and his cabinet refused and insisted on an immediate ceasefire and Israeli withdrawal, Siniora’s press office said in a statement issued late Saturday evening.

“Siniora personally gave Minister Mohammad Fneish a handwritten account of the negotiations and the Hezbollah leadership was aware that he had rejected these conditions, ” the statement added.

It is telling that Moussawi neither names the French official he claims to have met with nor reveals the voice records he says he has, the statement added.

Siniora responded in a statement on Friday to Nasrallah’s accusations by saying :“The Lebanese people and all Arab and foreign officials knew that the government’s primary goal was to end the war and lift the blockade, but Israel and the U.S. opposed it”.

Baathist party

Secretary general of the Arab Baath Socialist Party, former Minister Fayez Shukr, a member of the hezbollah-led March 8 alliance said today that the weapons of the resistance “could not be touched ”

He said he is going to file a law suit against Siniora ” on behalf of the 1140 martyrs of the 2006 war , who committed a crime against the Lebanese and is considered a full partner in the conspiracy against the resistance”


“Speaker Nabih Berri worked closely with Siniora during the 2006 July War, so do you think Berri was Siniora’s partner in what you accuse him of?” MP Imad al-Hout said yesterday in an interview with Future TV

Accusing Lebanese of collusion with Israel on the basis of “undocumented evidence” is not allowed , Hout said

Siniora is a “ statesman in every sense of the word, and it is impossible to doubt him or accuse him of conspiracy against Lebanon ,” he said.

Kissinger’s letter

An-Nahar newspaper quoted an anonymous US official on Sunday denying Nasrallah’s claim that former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger wrote to late President of the Lebanese National Bloc Raymond Edde about the division of Lebanon in the 1970s.

Carlos Edde, nephew of Raymond Edde and current leader of the Lebanese National Bloc has confirmed that there was no such letter, and journalist Salim Nassar has said that he himself wrote it as a “hypothetical response” from Kissinger to the open letter Edde addressed to him, the official said.

“American policy then, as today, supported a peaceful, united and independent Lebanon, ” the official added

In his Thursday speech, Nasrallah described a letter from Edde to Kissinger accusing the secretary of state of destroying Lebanon. In Kissinger’s hypothetical response , he admits that the 1975 Lebanese civil war was American-made and a ploy to split the country up.

Nassar told As-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper in an interview published Saturday that he wrote the alleged letter as a hypothetical response to a letter Edde had addressed to Kissinger in An-Nahar.