Geagea: They are trying to take away our second independence


Lebanese Forces party leader Samir Geagea said during 16th commemoration of banning the LF party that the occasion paves way for a better future. He also thanked thousands of LF members for their sacrifices. He commented the following on other issues.

Special Tribunal For Lebanon

What has the STL issued up to this point for some to say that international Zionism and imperialism have started meddling with the STL’s work ? Give us any proof, and we will be the first to object and condemn its work. We are the families of the martyrs.

Others say that it is better for the STL not to continue its work if it will hinder stability in Lebanon. Why [are they suggesting] this hypothesis? Regardless, how can the STL’s work hinder Lebanon’s stability?

If the findings and evidence of the STL are politicized or forged, this will be revealed immediately because the STL’s work is not secretive. Everyone will examine every detail of the prosecution. However, we will not accept giving up the blood or our martyrs in any case.

If the STL’s evidence is accurate and certain, then why does this hinder Lebanon’s stability?

They are trying to take our second independence away from us.

War against institutions

The war against all the constitutional institutions is the main proof. Someone wants the president to resign for reasons we do not understand. Others attack the parliament, its commissions, and the political parties – and threaten that there will be no municipal elections unless [carried out] under their own conditions.

Some use a US agreement on equipment and training with the Internal Security Forces and the Lebanese army [the 2007 ISF-US cooperation agreement] to attack the previous cabinet and the ISF. Meanwhile, others reinforce Palestinian military bases outside the refugee camps and send more weapons, while we were expecting the opposite.

The attack today is stronger than ever, but we will confront it with confidence and courage.

I urge everyone to close ranks behind constitutional institutions, from the president, to the cabinet, all the way to the parliament and the army … There is no going back to slavery, to the security regime.

The Lebanese state and freedom in the country is at stake. The only way to face this danger is through the constitutional institutions and law.

There is no protection to Lebanon and no defense strategy without the presence of the state … We would be making the biggest favor for Lebanon’s enemies, mainly Israel, by making the state absent.

Geagea unveiled that the party’s by-laws have been finalized after four years of continuous work. He also announced that the LF will launch the party’s first general conference mid April.