Khouri: Assad admitted making mistakes in Lebanon but the Lebanese didn’t


Secretary-General of the Syrian – Lebanese Higher Council Nasri Khoury said “the council’s headquarters are in Syria, because when the decision was made in August 1993 to appoint a Secretary-General, it was agreed that the headquarters will be always in Damascus,” he said in response to a question about his bias towards Syria, “without a doubt I am a proud member of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party ( SSNP), but I am also a Lebanese citizen and I believe in the Lebanese state and the Lebanese constitution, and there is freedom of belief for the Lebanese and Lebanon is a part of me, Syria is also part of me and I treat them equally. ”

During an Interview with Future TV he said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has admitted to committing mistakes in Lebanon. I believe there were mistakes on both sides , but the Lebanese that made mistakes did not admit making any.

Khoury defended the continued existence of the council despite the fact that Lebanon and Syria have established diplomatic relations




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