Hezbollah members among victims of Haret Hraik blast


Investigation of the mysterious explosion in the Hamas office of Haret Hraik, a southern Beirut suburb has revealed that the blast went off in an underground depot and was not caused by a donation box as claimed by the Palestinian movement.

An Nahar newspaper said investigators are now checking the damaged vehicles to find out whether they were stolen or not. They reiterated that 15 kilograms of TNT were used.

Asharq al-Awsat reported that Hezbollah members were trying to dismantle a bomb at the Hamas office when the blast went off.

Among the victims were the Hezbollah fighters, the sources said, adding that trucks coming out of the blast area before the arrival of Lebanese security and judicial investigators were most probably carrying the bodies of the victims. Hezbollah did not reveal any information about its own victims , while Hamas said that only two of its members were killed in the mysterious blast.

Military court judge Rahif Ramadan continued his investigation into the case and heard the testimonies of several witnesses and injured.

Many in Lebanon are questioning the presence of a Hamas office in Haret Hraik and whether the government knew anything about it