Zahra: Hezbollah’s indictment against Christians is rejected


Lebanese Forces bloc MP Antoine Zahra rejected during an interview with Voice of Lebanon Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s criticism of the Christian community during his speech on the occasion of the day of Ashura on Sunday: He said :Hezbollah’s indictment against Christians is rejected.

Zahra said : Hezbollah is proposing two models of government:“The first is having an Islamic state with Iran as its reference, and the second is having a mini-state that clashes with the Lebanese government and that undermines its authority.”

Zahra asked : What happened in Haret Hraik Saturday evening ? It took 24 hours to allow the government military court commissioner to get near the scene of the incident .

Zahra was referring to the explosion that took place last Saturday in Haret Hraik which resulted in the killing of 3 and the wounding of 6 others . Following the incident Hezbollah sealed off the area and did not allow the Lebanese security nor the media anywhere near the scene

“The Christians’ option is settled. It is the choice [to build] a Lebanese state based on partnership and equality,” Zahra said.