Al Akhbar: Jumblatt’s road to Damascus is thru Baabdat


One would think that the pro-Syrian media is thrilled about about the prospects of a visit by PSP leader MP Walid Jumblatt to Syria, but it appears that is not the case.

The pro-Syrian Al Akhbar newspaper has been speculating about the preconditions that the Syrian regime has imposed on Jumblatt before such a trip and today the paper has reported that the Syrian public opinion is dead against Jumblatt’s visit . The paper did not reveal how it was able to obtain a public opinion in Syria .

The al Akhbar also reported that according to its contacts in Syria the road to Damascus goes through Baabdat (Emile Lahoud’s residence). According to the paper “even though Jumblatt has already fulfilled many conditions imposed on him by Syria such as his reconciliation with Hezbollah, Wiam Wahab, FPM leader Michel Aoun, Syrian Socialist national party and Marada leader Suleiman Franjiyeh…but all these are nothing but few steps in a thousand mile trip” the paper added

The March 14 was very upset when Jumblatt started attacking the US and praising Syria.

According to analysts Jumblatt’s U-Turn has left him in a position between a rock and the hard place



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