Aoun will visit Saudi Arabia soon


FPM sources have confirmed to the Central News Agency what a Kuwait newspaper has published on Friday and that is Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun is preparing for a visit to Saudi Arabia

No specific date has been set for the visit as of yet according to NNA

Aoun who visited Syria last Wednesday has been very critical of Saudi Arabia , before its rapprochement with Syria

“Damascus played a pivotal role in convincing Saudi Arabia to host Aoun,” FPM sources said, highlighting that Aoun must have discussed with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad the issue during his visit to Damascus

Aoun has been critical of the March 14 majority for siding with Saudi Arabia , the country that he blames for the Taef accord which he opposed

In October last year during a rally marking the Syrian-led military offensive that ousted him from power on Oct. 13, 1990 he said

“The Syrians withdrew, but dependence on Americans and Saudis continued,” .

Aoun added : “Taef Accord put Lebanon in a Syrian-Saudi condominium. In reference to the agreement reached in Saudi Arabia in 1990 to end the civil war in Lebanon