‘Morning Joe’ co-host Joe Scarborough is leaving the Republican Party

Joe Scarborough, the conservative co-host of MSNBC’s political commentary show “Morning Joe,” is leaving the Republican Party. He made the announcement Tuesday night during an appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” alongside his co-host Mika Brzezinski. A two-minute clip of the segment was teased on the program’s Twitter account earlier Tuesday. Scarborough tore into what […]

Why did Trump Jr repeatedly change his story on Russia

AS DONALD Trump’s son confronts the fallout from his meeting with a lawyer connected to the Russian government, one big, obvious question remains unanswered. Why would the president’s son repeatedly omit key information about the meeting if he had nothing to hide? Donald Trump Jr’s explanation for last year’s meeting with Russian lawyer Vatalia Veselnitskaya, […]

House Dems back panel that could boot Trump from office

At least 25 House Democrats support a bill to create an Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity — a panel that would judge a president’s mental fitness for office. A clause in the 25th Amendment, which lays out the rules for succession in case of presidential disability, lets Congress set up its own panel to review […]

129 deg F ( 54 deg C)was recorded in Iran, one of the Earth’s hottest temperatures ever

The southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz soared to a brutal 129 degrees F ( 54 deg C) Thursday, which is Iran’s highest temperature ever recorded. It’s also one of the world’s hottest reliably measured temperatures and the highest June temperature in Asia on record. The information comes from Etienne Kapikian, a meteorologist with Meteo France, […]