How Steve Bannon Lost the Battle for the Soul of Trumpism

By Ryan Lizza Throughout the summer, six men—four members of Congress and two Trump officials—have been meeting in secret to rewrite the American tax code. The private sessions happen every two weeks or so—there’s no set schedule—often in the suite of either Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, or Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority […]

Analysis: Tipping the scales of political power in Iraq

Highlights Iraq’s political parties will have to balance the financial and political support they accept from external patrons such as Iran, Turkey and the Gulf states with the kind of nationalism voters in the country increasingly demand.   To that end, Iraq’s major Shiite parties will try to downplay their ties to Iran and promote […]

Trump’s weakness against Putin is on display again

BY Michael McFaul I’m trying hard to keep an open mind about President Trump, but it closed just a little further after his flippant comments about expulsion of employees at U.S. diplomatic missions in Russia. In response to a question about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s outrageous demand to reduce U.S. diplomatic staff in Russia by […]

How to take down Kim Jong Un without firing a shot

Stop saying there are no good options on North Korea. Here’s how to  end the threat once and for all—without firing a shot. By TOM MALINOWSKI At my Senate confirmation hearing a few years ago, I made a promise to the panel deciding my fate: never to use the phrase “there are no good options.” After […]

Does Russia Want A Cold War?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has responded strongly to increasing U.S. sanctions of Russia following the nation’s attempt to influence the result of the 2016 election in favor of President Donald Trump. Putin announced Sunday that 755 American embassy and consulate staffers would be ejected from the country, and promised further action. The removal of those […]