What is bigger and beyond the battle for Idlib

BY : Eyad Abu Shakra There seems to be a consensus that the battle for Idlib province in northwest Syria will be the final one in the “Syrian War”, and the first step towards Syria’s recovery. That could be true, but about how wars end, I would like to revisit an interesting true story I heard […]

Crazy Poor Middle Easterners

The Middle East could prosper if it would put its past behind it. By Thomas L. Friedman I greatly enjoyed the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” because, beyond the many laugh lines, it reminded me of an important point: Rich Asia has gotten really rich — not because it doesn’t have political, tribal, ethnic and religious […]

The Death Blow Is Coming for Syrian Democracy

The Assad regime’s imminent assault on Idlib will empower jihadists and crush the last of the revolution’s democrats. Why is the world standing by? By Leila Al-Shami* The Syrian regime is determined to reconquer all of the territory it has lost. Aided by Russian bombers and Iranian troops, and emboldened by its success in terrorizing […]

McCain’s death marks a new era for congressional checks on Trump

By Karoun Demirjian Sen. John McCain’s death heralds a sea change for congressional challenges to the Trump administration on national security, as the president’s two most vocal Republican critics pass their powerful committee gavels to two of President Trump’s biggest supporters. McCain (R-Ariz.), who used his chairmanship of the Senate Armed Services Committee to question […]

Trump made a mistake on North Korea

by  Frida Ghitis The day after he gave himself an A+ on his presidential performance, President Donald Trump unexpectedly canceled a crucial trip to North Korea by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, all but acknowledging that his strategy to end the North Korean nuclear threat has so far failed. Trump, you’ll recall, had already declared […]

Why Saudi’s Aramco IPO won’t happen

It was the moment Saudi Arabia’s reforming young prince told the world he meant business. In early 2016, Mohammed bin Salman said he planned to sell shares in the kingdom’s crown jewel: Saudi Aramco, the giant energy company that produces 10% of the world’s oil and finances the Saudi state. The initial public offering — […]

The latest attack on free speech in the Israel-Palestine debate

  By: Manar Waheed, Legislative and Advocacy Counsel, ACLU & Brian Hauss, Staff Attorney, ACLU Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project Members of Congress last month introduced the “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act.” The bill purports to address a real problem: According to the FBI, incidents of hate crimes motivated by anti-Jewish bias have significantly increased in recent years. […]

Trump-Kim agreement is minuscule first step at best

During an unprecedented meeting Tuesday, President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un signed an agreement that includes, in part, the establishment of “new U.S.–DPRK relations in accordance with the desire of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity.” Some have called the agreement too vague; others say it’s a first step.  Expectations were […]