US Court Sues Lebanese Citizen for Laundering Drug Money to Hezbollah

Paraguayan authorities handed over their citizen of Lebanese origin, Nader Mohammed Farhat, to the US security authorities in Miami, Florida, where he faces criminal charges of money laundering. His case is expected to reveal a lot of information about money laundering and the complexities of trade on the border triangle between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, […]

European diplomats advises Lebanon to distance Hezbollah from regional tension

Lebanese authorities have been advised through European diplomatic channels to steer Lebanon clear of any possible military confrontation in the Gulf region over rising tension between the United States and Iran, Lebanese cabinet ministers said. The ministers, who refused to be identified, confirmed to Asharq Al-Awsat that the European and non-European advice to Lebanon stressed […]

Israel hopes to begin talks with Lebanon in July to resolve the maritime border dispute

By : Ivan Levingston Israel hopes to begin talks with Lebanon as early as July to resolve a maritime border dispute that has delayed exploration in an offshore area rich in oil and gas, Israel’s energy minister said. With no diplomatic relations, the two countries have clashed frequently over the years and Israel occupied a swath of […]

Bassil’s ‘wars’ embarrass president Aoun

Beirut, Lebanon- Ministerial sources expected that consultations conducted by Prime Minister Saad Hariri would lead to a qualitative leap that would activate government’s work and compensate for the paralysis caused by recent political bickering. However, the sources told Asharq Al-Awsat that it was still too early to assume that the government situation would be fully restored. […]

Lebanon PM and Palestinian delegation reject Trump’s deal of the Century

PM Saad Hariri received on Saturday  at the Center House Fatah Movement Central Committee member and general supervisor of the Lebanese arena Azzam al-Ahmad, accompanied by the Palestinian Ambassador to Lebanon Ashraf Dabbour, Fatah Movement Central Committee member Samir Rifai and the Secretary of Fatah and Palestinian Liberation Organization factions in Lebanon Fathi Abou al-Ardat, in the […]

Tourism: Lebanon increasingly more active in the Airbnb community

  by Perla Kantarjian BEIRUT: Airbnb, An online platform that has been offering lodging and tourism services all over the world since 2008, is progressively becoming a preferred option for citizens and tourists in Lebanon.   The story of this exciting online marketplace, which has grown into a $35 billion business, started out as a simple […]

How Lebanon will dodge its looming debt crisis

Simon Constable, Contributor   The economic outlook for Lebanon is not nearly as bad as some would have you believe. And that presents an opportunity for investors to buy Lebanese government bonds at a potentially massive discount. Yes, on the face of it, Lebanon’s current situation seems dire, especially when you consider the following: Around one-in-four of the […]

Zakka calls his Iranian prison where he was physically, morally and mentally tortured” ugliest place”

Lebanese businessman Nizar Zakka who was   kidnapping by the  Iranian Revolutionary Guard and  imprisoned  on charges of spying for the United States told Lebanese TV channel MTV after he arrived in Beirut  following his release from jail : “In the beginning, I was subjected to all kinds of torture. In the second phase the torture was […]