Geagea slams critics: The new electoral law is made in Lebanon it is not ‘Hezbollah’s law’

Former presidential candidate and Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea  denied on Friday that  the new electoral law that was agreed by the cabinet on Wednesday  and passed by Parliament on Friday   is ‘Hezbollah’s law’ and  slammed its critics “I congratulate us all on the new law, especially that it was not at all easy to reach […]

Lebanon cabinet approves a new electoral law

The Lebanese Cabinet has approved a new elections law and referred it to parliament for ratification, paving the way for parliamentary elections postponed twice over the past year. During Wednesday’s government meeting that approved the new law, the term of the current parliament was extended 11 months until May 20, 2018 . The  vote is scheduled […]

Lebanese parties agree on electoral law, report

Lebanon’s rival parties reached agreement on Tuesday on an electoral law, Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil said, staving off a political crisis and paving the way for a parliamentary election. The agreement still needs the approval of the cabinet in a meeting scheduled for Wednesday, and will then be sent to parliament. “Today we have reached […]

Top Hezbollah officials accused of corruption, drug trafficking and embezzling of funds

Lebanese security forces arrested two drug traffickers in Lebanon’s Choueifat and Beirut’s southern suburb on June 8. One of those detained is the nephew of the Lebanese minister of industry, Hussein al-Hajj Hassan who represents Hezbollah in the cabinet. Following the arrest, two contradictory statements were issued by the minister’s family. One attacked Hezbollah and […]

Aoun calls for increased cooperation with neighboring Cyprus

President Michel Aoun Monday called for increased coordination in offshore oil and gas exploration between Lebanon and Cyprus and lauded the bilateral cooperation between the 2 countries “I encourage the governments of the two countries to raise the level of cooperation in the fields of oil and gas,” Aoun said in a joint news conference […]

Lebanese army arrests 2 in Baalbeck, seizes large quantity of arms

The Lebanese Army arrested two suspects in a raid in the eastern city of Baalbeck, seizing a large quantity of weaponry, the military said Monday. “An army force conducted raids [Sunday] night in search for suspects after a gunbattle erupted in a neighborhood in Baalbeck,” the army said. One of the suspects was identified as […]

Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berri postponed parliament session until June 16

Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berri postponed until June 16 a parliament session that was scheduled to convene on Monday to address Lebanon’s parliamentary electoral law. June 16 session will convene at 2:00 PM The country’s main political parties have recently agreed on a  new electoral law that is fully based on proportional representation and 15 electoral districts but they are still […]

Lebanese airline makes Georgia its new destination

Wings of Lebanon a privately held Lebanese airline under the Nakhal Group and which is known for its charter activities expanded its business model to include largely seasonal scheduled international passenger services and has decided to make Georgia its new destination, according to Georgia Today. The airline is targeting 2 destinations in the former Soviet […]

US Pledges Continuous Support to Lebanese Army

Beirut – United States Central Command head Gen. Joseph Votel said that Washington would always support the Lebanese Army, noting that the US and Lebanon shared common interests that include defeating ISIS and other terrorist and extremist organizations. Votel was speaking during a tour on Wednesday in the northeast border town of Arsal. He was […]