Salame calls for quick formation of cabinet as Lebanon approaches an economic crisis

The man charged with overseeing Lebanon’s monetary policy is frustrated at the pace of his country’s reform implementation. On top of simmering turmoil in the wider region and political gridlock as officials harangue over the composition of their yet-unformed government, reports are rife that the country of 4 million is headed for a banking crisis. […]

US sanctions Syrian and Lebanese nationals supporting Assad

Donald Trump’s administration announced on Thursday it would impose sanctions on four individuals and five entities — two of which are based in the UAE — for supplying weapons and fuel to Assad’s regime in Syria. The State Department said it had sanctioned Syrian nationals Yasir ‘Abas, Adnan Al-Ali and Muhammad al-Qatirji, as well as […]

How Lebanese descendants are shaking Latin America’s politics

Two of Brazil’s main parties are fielding candidates whose forebears came from Lebanon By Richard Hall When Brazilians vote in presidential elections next month they will face a ballot paper that includes candidates with a distinctly Lebanese feel. Two of the country’s main parties are fielding candidates whose forebears came from Lebanon – Fernando Haddad […]

Lebanon is on a tightrope, balancing Saudi, Iranian and Western interests

If Lebanon needs Syria more than Syria needs Lebanon, I suppose that Lebanon needs America more than America needs Lebanon. Either way, the country’s neutrality still protects it from itself BY: Robert Fisk in Beirut Facing possible invasion from both Britain and Germany in 1940 and determined to remain neutral, the Irish government in Dublin asked […]

Many obstacles prevent return of Syrian refugees from Lebanon

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi briefed on Friday Lebanese officials on the outcome of his latest visit to Damascus and talks over the return of Syrian refugees home. Although positive signs have emerged, financial and legal obstacles hindering the return of Syrians to safe areas have remained. Ministerial sources told Asharq Al-Awsat […]

UN: Lebanon, Israel at risk of renewed conflict

The U.N. Security Council warned Thursday that violations of the cease-fire agreement between Lebanon and Israel could lead to a new conflict and urged international support for Lebanon’s armed forces and their stepped up deployment in the south and at sea. The council’s warning against “a new conflict that none of the parties or the […]

Lebanon PM Hariri addresses resignation, Syria, and relationship with Hezbollah

After seven years of ravaging war in Syria, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri told Euronews’ correspondent Anelise Borges in an exclusive interview that he would be dealing more with Russia rather than the Syrian regime. Borges spoke with Hariri about what it’s like to be surrounded by war, his relationship with Russia and Hezbollah, and […]

Nasrallah’s speech reflects ‘uneasiness’ over STL’s ruling in the Hariri murder case

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon “will not issue a ruling in September” as circulated in media outlets, and the remarks made by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah about the court “reflect his uneasiness” with its outcome, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Monday. “The STL will not issue a ruling in September. The fact that Hezbollah leader Sayyed […]

Hezbollah chief: ” STL does not mean anything to us”, warns against ‘playing with fire’

Hezbollah chief  Hassan Nasrallah on Sunday warned against “betting on the final ruling of the   Special Tribunal for Lebanon”  and  he called for postponing the thorny debate on Lebanon’s ties with Syria until after the formation of the new government. “Some March 14 circles are saying that the main reason behind delaying the formation of the government is that […]