In their mother’s country, Lebanon protesters clamour for citizenship

Draped in the Lebanese flag, 22-year-old Dana is bursting with pride at taking part in Lebanon’s “revolution” — even if her home country refuses to give her nationality. Standing amongst other demonstrators in the capital, she explains she was born in Beirut to a Lebanese mother and has spent all her life in the country. […]

Ex-Hezbollah chief slams Iranian supreme chief

By Ali Murat Alhas BEIRUT- Former Secretary-General of Lebanon’s  Hezbollah movement criticized Iran’s supreme leader Sunday for being behind corruption in Lebanon and Iraq, where anti-government and corruption protests are ongoing. Subhi al-Tufayli, speaking to Arab and social media, delivered remarks on recent mass protests held in Lebanon and Iraq. Al-Tufayli said at least 250 people […]

Hezbollah chief says wants to keep ‘door open’ in talks on new government

The leader of Lebanon’s Iranian backed Hezbollah militant  group said on Monday that political talks on forming a new government were still underway, and he would not discuss the matter publicly because he wanted to leave the “door open”. On Sunday three senior sources told Reuters talks to agree on an urgently needed new government were […]

Lebanon’s Central Bank chief says deposits secure, will preserve stable pound

Lebanese central bank governor Riad Salameh said on Monday bank deposits are secure and it had the capabilities to preserve the stability of the exchange rate of the pegged Lebanese pound. In a televised news conference, Salameh said the central bank had taken measures to safeguard deposits. Capital controls were not on the table because […]

Lebanon: Cabinet talks deadlocked as Hezbollah rejects being forced Into concessions

Talks among Lebanon’s political parties to agree on a new government are still deadlocked, three senior sources said on Sunday, as Hezbollah indicated it would not be forced into concessions. The latest failure to break Lebanon’s political impasse will worsen pressures on an economy gripped by a deep crisis. Since reopening a week ago, commercial […]

Lebanon uprising day 25: Thousands keep up street pressure on political class

Thousands protested on Sunday across Lebanon against the ruling class for a fourth consecutive week, as they await a new cabinet two weeks after demonstrations forced the premier to resign. The country has since October 17 been swept by an unprecedented cross-sectarian protest movement against the entire political establishment, which is widely seen as irretrievably […]

Lebanon Uprising: Now is the wrong time to pull US assistance

Former United States Ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman   criticises the US administration  for  suspending   $105 million in U.S. security assistance to the very institutions that have defied Hezbollah’s demands to end the protests.  He calls the Trump administration’s move ill timed, on the wrong side of history and   sends the wrong message  to the Lebanese […]

‘No need to panic’: Lebanon banking body assure depositors as protests continue

Lebanese bank deposits are safe and there is no need to panic, the head of the banking association said on Saturday, seeking to calm nerves about restrictions on some withdrawals imposed after nationwide protests. Already facing the worst economic crisis since the 1975-90 civil war, Lebanon has been pitched deeper into turmoil since Oct. 17 […]

Gemayel tells Aoun : “Liberate yourself and your country”

Phalange party leader  MP Sami Gemayel tweeted  : “Mr. President, you know what awaits the Lebanese people in black days of  poverty and humiliation. If you don’t exercise your constitutional authorities   Lebanon will not be spared from the upcoming financial collapse .  A government of experts is the only solution  . The key is in your hands. “Liberate   yourself […]

Banks Impose new measures, intensify fears from financial crisis In Lebanon

At 1:55 pm local time, a Lebanese young man arrives at the entrance of one of the country’s largest banks, asking to enter to withdraw money. However, the security officer apologizes from letting him in, asking that he returns next Tuesday. The man gets angry and began to scream, knowing that it was illegal to […]