Hezbollah official warned of disaster in Lebanon if no deal is reached on new electoral law

A Hezbollah official warned Sunday of disaster in Lebanon should no new electoral law be approved soon. Hezbollah’s central council official Sheikh Nabil Qaouq was quoted by local media as saying: “Lebanon would be approaching a disaster should no new electoral law be approved before the expiry of the legal deadlines, seeing as failure to […]

PSP rejects parliament extension and vacuum, calls for a hybrid electoral law

The Progressive Socialist Party MP Ghazi Aridi proposed on Saturday a new electoral law that blends on equal basis the majoritarian and proportional representation voting systems. In a press conference Aridi reveled the details of the proposal stressing PSP’s keen interest on agreeing on new law to help the elections be held on time. The […]

Lebanese PM slams Hezbollah press tour on border with Israel

Lebanon’s prime minister criticized on Friday a media tour organized by Hezbollah in south Lebanon, saying that the government of Lebanon was not informed beforehand and did not approve. Saad Hariri spoke to journalists during a visit to south Lebanon, a day after Hezbollah organized a tour for journalists along the Lebanon-Israel border, during which […]

Governor Salameh’s term is widely expected to be renewed

As was widely expected the majority of Lebanon’s political parties have agreed to renew the term of Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh and are debating whether the renewal will be for three or six years, according to report by al-Akhbar daily on Friday. All the top leaders including Prime Minister Saad Hariri, Speaker Nabih Berri, […]

US asks UN to focus on Iranian and Hezbollah ‘destructive’ activities in ME

The United States on Thursday urged the U.N. Security Council to devote less attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and make what she called Iran’s “incredibly destructive” activities a priority in the Middle East. U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley branded Iran the “chief culprit” of conflicts in the Middle East and vowed to work with Washington’s partners […]

US warns of Iranian efforts to create another Hezbollah in Yemen

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis warned Wednesday of Iranian efforts to create a Yemeni militia “in the image” of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, following his talks with officials in Saudi Arabia. Mattis told reporters of the need to overcome Iran’s efforts “in destabilizing yet another country and creating another militia in the image” of Hezbollah. Saudi officials have […]

Mass resignations at Arslan’s Lebanese Democratic Party reported

85 members and leaders of  the Lebanese Democratic Party in the Rachaya district and Western Bekaa area submitted  there resignations  en mass on Wednesday , Lebanese media reported late Wednesday The Lebanese Democratic Party is headed by MP Talal Arslan, a member of the Hezbollah-led  March 8 alliance  . According to a statement  the group is very critical of the party’s […]

Syrian mother detained over dumping her newborn in a trash container

Lebanon’s National News Agency reported Wednesday that the Internal Security Forces arrested a 35-year-old Syrian mother over dumping her newborn baby last year in a garbage container on al-Dora highway, just north of the capital Beirut “On the basis of information available to the Tripoli Judicial Unit, the police were able to arrest Syrian national […]

March 14 activists warn against ‘replacing democracy by Iran hegemony’

The March 14 activists , the” Moustamerroun group ” accused on Wednesday some of the political parties of “stoking sectarian sentiments” in order to “deviate the attention of the Lebanese from the corruption scandals that have exposed the true nature of the ruling class.” It pointed out that some parties want to “create Christian, Sunni […]

Israeli gunboats violate Lebanon’s sovereignty

The Lebanese Army announced on Monday that 2 Israeli navy gunboats entered Lebanon’s territorial waters off the southern coast : “At 4:23 a.m. an Israeli gunboat violated Lebanese sovereignty for two minutes in front of Ras Naqoura for a distance of 260 meters,” the statement said. It added that another Israeli gunboat entered 275 meters […]