Can Lebanon ever get its house in order?

A new conflict would further strain parlous state of Lebanon’s political economy Dire economic situation seen as reflection of the country’s many-sided crisis First, the international ratings agency Fitch downgraded Lebanon’s credit rating. Next, tensions on the border with Israel soared as Hezbollah let loose a barrage of anti-tank missiles. Finally, Lebanon’s political leaders declared […]

Mashnouq: Nasrallah has no right to link Lebanon’s fate to the fate of Iran

Former Lebanese minister of Interior MP Nouhad al-Mashnouq commented on the speech by Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah by saying : We demand that Mr  Nasrallah’s defense strategy should be to protect Lebanon alone, and the Lebanese people  in the face of the Israeli enemy, and  not to link  our destiny to the wars and crises of the region” He […]

Hariri to chair meetings on smuggling, electricity and economy

Prime Minister, Saad Hariri will chair a   meeting at 2 pm  that will include   government ministers Ria  Hassan,  Elias Bou Saab  and Hassan Khalil and security  chiefs to discuss the subject of smuggling on the border. At 4 p.m., he chairs a meeting of the Ministerial Committee on electricity and another  meeting  at 6 p.m. on economic issues . Lebanon […]

Lebanon may soon issue one of the highest yielding sovereign Eurobonds in history

By Paul Wallace If Lebanon decides to issue as many as $2 billion of Eurobonds, which the government said it’s considering, they could be the highest yielding dollar notes on record for a sovereign. Average rates on Lebanon’s existing securities have soared more than 500 basis points since February to 14.7% as investors fret over the […]

Hezbollah says it shot down Israeli drone over south Lebanon

Hezbollah said it downed an Israeli drone in southern Lebanon early on Monday, a week after the group’s leader said it would shoot down Israeli drones in Lebanese airspace. The drone is now in Hezbollah’s possession, the group said in a statement. An Israeli military statement said one of its drones “fell inside southern Lebanon […]

Former Hezbollah commander Ali Hatoum commits suicide

  A former Hezbollah official was found dead in his apartment in a Beirut suburb, the state-run National News Agency said on Sunday. NNA reported  that security forces immediately opened an investigation to find out the details of the incident, and is waiting for the arrival of the forensic doctor to determine the cause of death. […]

Hezbollah fears democracy as Tyre by-election shows

A candidate running in the Tyre parliamentary by-election race  was asked by Hezbollah chief to  withdraw her candidacy  leaving only Hezbollah’s candidate running for the vacant seat. Bushra al-Khalil, a lawyer, said her withdrawal came at the request of  Sayyed  Hassan Nasrallah  leaving only Hezbollah’s candidate Hassan Ezzeddine running for the district’s vacant seat. She announced her decision to reporters […]

Hezbollah and PSP seal reconciliation in Ain el-Tineh

Hezbollah and the Progressive Socialist Party on Saturday sealed their political reconciliation in Ain el-Tine, home of Speaker Nabih Berry after months of tensions between the two groups amidst differences over local and regional political issues. “We can talk today about a frank meeting and a reconciliation, and this meeting is in the interest of […]

France reiterates its support for Lebanon, calls for quick reforms

French President Emmanuel Macron reiterated Friday his country’s support for Lebanon and expressed relief at the progress being made by the Lebanese government to secure the CEDRE soft loan package. Speaking with Prime Minister Saad Hariri, Macron said that France’s is still committed to supporting “Lebanon’s stability and security and to strengthen the country’s institutions,” […]