Venezuela’s Long Road to Ruin

  • Niemals

    Half a burger? – Here’s what one month’s pay will get you in Venezuela.
    Marxist Bolivarian Revolution, it is the pathetic effort by socialists to deny responsibility.

  • Niemals

    Now Britain participates in serious talks with Ecuador to get rid of Julian Assange from the London embassy, ​​where he lived for six years.

    High officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sit in meetings about how Assange is being handled, writes The Sunday Times.

    Julian Assange, sought political asylum at the Ecuador embassy in London 2012 after being charged with sex crimes in Sweden.
    The ‘arbitrarily detention’….
    RT discussed Assange’s plight with Craig Murray, an author, broadcaster and human rights activist.

    In his opinion, there are two different angles in Julian Assange’s case: “The first one is the legal one and the second one is the political and diplomatic one. On the legal side, appeals continue to be held on the question of whether or not charges against him are dropped.”
    The Swedish prosecution was taken down in May 2017, but despite that he has remained in the building. Free accommodation and food, including interviews on RT.

    The reason is that Assange is worried to be handed over to the United States if he leaves the embassy.
    The country chases Assange suspected of spreading stolen documents from the US military.

    Typical comment of RT followers like this Brad Golding on RT ‘Julian Assange’s Lawyer on 6 Years of Arbitrary Detention & Humans Causing the End of Earth (E624)’
    “Peter Kennedy is right! Our government is merely an extension of the zio-Anglo-US-Rothschild cartel. Our PM is a Goldman Sachs banker desperately trying to limit the outcome of the banking Royal” Commission. If he really cared about this country, he would invest his millions here instead of them sitting in the Cayman Islands!