Mashnouq : I will not vote for Ghazi Kanaan as deputy speaker


MASHNOUKCaretaker Interior Minister  MP Nouhad al-Mashnouq walked out of parliament on Wednesday   during a vote for the deputy speaker post.

“I will not vote for Ghazi Kanaan for the deputy speaker post,” Mashnouq tweeted, in a jab at MP Elie Ferzli who was elected deputy speaker during the session.

The late Kanaan was the head of Syria’s infamous security apparatus in Lebanon during Damascus’ tutelage over the country. Kanaan became the most feared man in the Lebanon during his term, since he had the power to order the arrest and indefinite detention of anyone.

“I only voted for (Speaker Nabih) #Berri out of my belief in his patriotism and Arabism… but I will not take part in a session that reelects one of the most notorious Syrian tutelage figures as deputy speaker,” Mashnouq added.

“The Lebanese paid a lot of blood to get rid of Syrian tutelage that was for long years embodied in Ghazi Kanaan and his cronies, and I do not accept to take part in any practice aimed at reviving the Syrian tutelage,” the minister stressed.

Kanaan’s violent death  in 2005 during an investigation into the assassination of former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri   drew international attention. There were conflicting reports about his death. The  Syrian regime was accused  of assassinating him inside his office , but it denied   the charges claiming that  he committed suicide by shooting himself in the mouth  12 times

Hours before his death, he gave what he called his “last” interview, saying he had served Lebanon with honesty.

Mashnouq did not explain why he did not vote for the Lebanese Forces candidate  MP Anis Nassar, who secured 30 votes.

Ferzli, like Berri , president Aoun and Hezbollah, has close ties to the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad.