Lebanon seeks $ 2.68 billion in humanitarian aid, investments

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Tripoli , Lebanon port, syrian refugees

The Lebanese government is appealing for $2.68 billion in humanitarian assistance and investments into the country’s infrastructure and public services as part of the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan (LCRP).

The 2018 LCRP package was announced Thursday following a meeting between Prime Minister Saad Hariri, Minister for Social Affairs Pierre Bou Assi, and United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Philippe Lazzarini.

The funds will be used to provide critical humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees, vulnerable Lebanese and Palestinian refugees, as well as invest in Lebanon’s ailing infrastructure, public services, and local economy.

With Lebanon bearing the brunt of the neighboring civil war, hosting around 1.9 million displaced Syrians, more than 123 national and international partners pledged financial support to avoid a sharp deterioration in humanitarian conditions and the country’s infrastructure.

After renewing the pledge, Lazzarini said that “preserving the stability of Lebanon means preserving tolerance, diversity, and stability in the region,” while praising the country’s “hospitality.”

“No country in the world can – or should – carry alone the challenge that Lebanon is facing. Responsibility-sharing with Lebanon is key,” he added.

Meanwhile, Hariri made his government’s position very clear, assuring that “nobody is going to force anyone to go back if they do not want to go back,” adding that Lebanon “will respect international law.”