Hariri: Resistance is no longer Hezbollah’s main purpose

Former Lebanese Prime Minister and current Future Movement leader MP Saad Hariri launched a vehement attack against the Hezbollah militant group for its alleged interference in the Syrian crisis. “Where is this policy of dissociation that prevents the use of the Lebanese territories for interference in Syria, or is Hezbollah exempted from abiding by it,”

The fight for Syria won’t end with the fall of Assad regime

It was not the supposed imminent collapse of the Syrian regime that dominated the recent meeting of the Friends of Syria in Marrakech but the thorny subject of al-Nusra, one of the armed resistance groups operating in the country, which the US has just classified as a “foreign terrorist organisation”.

Syrian rebels warily accept foreign fighters’ help

The presence of foreign Islamic militants battling Syria’s regime is raising concerns over the possible injection of al-Qaida’s influence into the country’s civil war. Syria’s rebels share some of those misgivings.