Paralyzed world clings to Annan’s failing Syria plan

Kofi Annan hints his peace plan for Syria is going nowhere, but divided world powers have yet to agree on other ideas for halting the carnage or coaxing President Bashar al-Assad into talks on his political demise. Syrian rebels have abandoned any commitment to a ceasefire

U.S. seeks Russia’s help in removing Assad

In a new effort to halt more than a year of bloodshed in Syria, President Barack Obama will try to broker the departure of President Bashar Assad under a proposal modeled on the transition in another strife-torn Arab country, Yemen. The plan calls for a negotiated political settlement

New terrorist plot to attack plane foiled

U.S. and other intelligence agencies recently broke up a plot to bomb an airliner and have seized an explosive device that is similar to ones previously used by al Qaeda, officials said Monday. The plot was discovered before it threatened any Americans, and no airliners were at risk, one U.S. counterrrorism said. A nonmetallic explosive […]