Food Scandal: Lebanon PM , Jumblatt, back Health minister’s effort

Progressive Socialist Party( PSP) leader MP Walid Jumblatt told As-Safir newspaper in remarks published on Wednesday that Health Minister Wael Abu Faour has his full backing in fighting food corruption in Lebanon and urged him “to keep up the fight till the end because people’s health is in danger” Abu Faour who represents PSP in […]

Arabs urged to conserve water to avoid disasters

Saudi Prince Khaled Bin Sultan, Deputy Minister of Defense and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water, called on Arab countries to reconsider the ways they use water, especially in agriculture. He warned, “If Arab countries do not act now in conserving water, then disasters of drought […]

Bassil: water problem is much greater than the electric

Protests against the power blackouts continued over the weekend … Yesterday Hezbollah and Amal closed the Airport road with burning tires and today they blocked the road that links al-Nabatieh al-Fawqa with the city of Nabatieh with burning tires. The Beqaa region also witnessed protests at the Masnaa road but security forces soon intervened and […]

Bassil sets end July as deadline for paying past-due water bills

Lebanon’s Energy and Water Minister Gebran Bassil on Saturday set end July as the deadline for politicians and public figures to pay their past-due water bills,” noting that he will be firm in cutting the water supply of those who don’t pay. Bassil noted that the June-end deadline for politicians and public figures to pay […]