Syria’s Assad may flee to Venezuela, Cuba via Lebanon

Syrian president Bashar al Assad’s hold on power is looking more tenuous. “There is no doubt that the regime’s capacity is declining and that the FSA (Free Syrian Army) continues to become ever stronger and better armed,” said a European diplomat with regime and opposition contacts in Damascus. It is not even clear if Assad […]

Venezuela:Bonds rally as Chavez losing invincibility

Venezuelan bonds are posting the biggest rally among major developing nations as investors bet that President Hugo Chavez’s tenure will end soon even if he wins the closest election he’s faced in 14 years. The country’s dollar bonds returned 30 percent this year as Chavez’s battle with cancer slowed his campaign

Refinery blast kills 39 in Venezuela

A huge explosion rocked Venezuela’s biggest oil refinery early Saturday, killing at least 39 people and injuring more than 80 others in the deadliest disaster in memory for the country’s key oil industry. Balls of fire rose over the Amuay refinery, one of the largest in the world, in video posted on the Internet by […]

Chavez warns UK against assaulting Ecuadorian embassy

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatened London with radical measures in case British authorities attempt to break into the Embassy of Ecuador to arrest WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Assange has been holed up in Ecuador’s embassy in London for two months as he fights extradition to Sweden on sex crime charges

Iran: Abrupt Assad fall would be “catastrophic”

Iran said an abrupt end to the rule of President Bashar al-Assad would have catastrophic consequences for his country, as Tehran pushed ahead with a diplomatic meeting of allies it says is the best way of resolving the intensifying conflict in Syria. Nations with “a correct and realistic position” would attend a meeting on Thursday […]

Hezbollah denies US accusations of drug trafficking

Hezbollah denied on Tuesday US Treasury Department’s accusation that the party was involved in drug trafficking and money laundering and called the allegations “pure lies and fabrications.” “This accusation falls within a US campaign [that seeks] to distort Hezbollah’s image,” the Iranian and Syrian backed militant group said in a statement.