Turkey presses U.N. to house refugees inside Syria

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu urged the United Nations on Wednesday to care for displaced Syrians inside their country instead of letting them flood into Turkey, which already hosts more than 80,000 refugees. Ankara, fearing a mass influx such as the flight of half a million Iraqi Kurds into Turkey after the 1991 Gulf War, […]

Egypt’s president: Time for Assad regime to disappear

Egypt’s new Islamist president, preparing to make his debut on the stage of world diplomacy with an initiative over the Syrian crisis, called on Monday for President Bashar al-Assad’s allies to help lever the Syrian leader out of power. “Now is the time to stop this bloodshed and for the Syrian people to regain their […]

Syrian man threatens to blow up the Arab League

Egyptian authorities arrested late on Monday a Syrian man who threatened to blow up the Arab League’s headquarters in Cairo after he learned that his parents had been killed in Syria during a battle between the rebels and troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, Egyptian news agency MENA reported.

Sharp rise in refugee flows from Syria

A surge in the number of Syrians seeking sanctuary from their country’s soaring violence prompted the Turkish government to halt the flow of refugees at two key border crossings Sunday amid an escalating humanitarian crisis that is swamping Syria’s neighbors and intensifying pressure for international intervention.

Egyptian leader reaches out to Iran in his Syria peace plan

Staking out a new leadership role for Egypt in the shaken landscape of the Arab uprisings, President Mohamed Morsi is reaching out to Iran and other regional powers in an initiative to halt the escalating violence in Syria. The initiative, centered on a committee of four that also includes Turkey and Saudi Arabia,

At least 60 killed in suspected massacre in Syria

At least 60 charred bodies were found Thursday in a suburb of the Syrian capital of Damascus in what activists described as another massacre committed by government forces. The bodies, all with their hands tied behind their backs

New Fighting in Damascus After Syria Denies Attacking Civilians

BEIRUT, Lebanon — New fighting was reported in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Monday, a day after the government denied that it had used heavy weapons to attack a small farming community, where United Nations monitors documented substantial destruction in an assault that left scores dead and drew sharp international condemnation.

Latest Syrian Defectors Are From Higher Ranks

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Syria’s armed forces have been slowly bleeding defectors and deserters since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad began 16 months ago. But now the military arrivals reaching Syria’s neighbors are more likely than ever to have stars on their epaulets.

Turkish Border Is Crucial Link in Syrian Conflict

ANTAKYA, Turkey — The onetime ragtag militias of the Syrian opposition are developing into a more effective fighting force with the help of an increasingly sophisticated network of activists here in southern Turkey that is smuggling crucial supplies