US:Threat from Hezbollah now highest in 20 years

US security officials have warned that the terrorist threat from Hezbollah is at its highest level for 20 years. Western intelligence agencies believe that the Lebanese group is now more active overseas than at any time since the early 1990s, with attacks planned

MP Saad: Bulgaria’s accusation reveals Hezbollah ‘s agenda

Lebanese MP Fouad Saad told the al Jamhouriya newspaper ,that the Bulgarian accusation against Hezbollah over the bus bombing reveals the real part agenda which is threatening day after day the interests of Lebanon. He added: The economic relations with Bulgaria are well developed and Hezbollah’s role in the incident will have a negative effect […]

Lebanese-Swede charged with terrorism in Thailand

A man who Thai police say led them to tons of bombmaking components told reporters he is not a terrorist, then pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of illegally possessing explosive materials. Atris Hussein, a 47-year-old Swedish citizen of Lebanese origin, is accused of possessing nearly 3,000 kilograms (6,500 pounds) of ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer […]

Thailand questions 'open door' after Iranian terror plot

Unwinding at a beach town with bar girls came first. Building bombs was allegedly for later. The three Iranians detained in Bangkok and accused of plotting to attack Israeli diplomats set priorities during their trip to Thailand. They spent time in the company of prostitutes at a famous beach resort

Hezbollah suspect arrested in Bangkok after US warned of terror attack

Americans are under the “real and very credible” threat of a terrorist attack in Bangkok, the U.S. ambassador to Thailand warned Friday, as authorities in the country arrested a Lebanese member of Hezbollah. Ambassador Kristie Kenney was elaborating on an “emergency message” sent by the embassy to American citizens earlier Friday warning of a possible […]