1.7m Syrian refugees face food crisis as UN funds dry up

More than 1.7 million Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt are facing a disastrous and hungry winter after a funding crisis forced the UN’s World Food Programme to suspend food vouchers to hundreds of thousands forced into exile by the conflict. Since the war began in March 2011, the WFP has brought […]

Syrian crisis “a public health emergency of global concern”

As Syria’s three-year conflict continues, the country’s healthcare crisis means that the risk of infectious diseases becoming an epidemic is at its highest, according to a study published in PLOS Pathogens. The study1 describes the crisis as “a public health emergency of global concern” – with vaccine-preventable diseases not only reappearing in Syria but being […]

US announces new aid to Syrian civilian refugees in Turkey

Vice President Joe Biden and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan emerged from a nearly four-hour meeting Saturday, offering no indication that the U.S. and Turkey had bridged their differences about how to deal with Islamic State fighters or Syrian President Bashar Assad. Biden announced $135 million in new U.S. aid for Syrian civilians, including some […]

Amnesty report reveals desperate plight of Syrian refugees in Turkey

More than 1 million Syrian refugees who have flocked to Turkey to escape fighting at home are struggling to survive on their own, with government-run refugee camps operating at full capacity, according to a report by Amnesty International. Turkey has been lauded for its swift response to the massive influx of Syrians, but the international […]

UN warns: Funding shortfall could leave a million Iraqis, Syrians out in the cold

The U.N. refugee agency warned Tuesday that a funding shortfall of $58.45 million could leave up to one million Iraqis and Syrians out in the cold this winter. “The shortfall affects our winter preparedness programs… and means that UNHCR is having to make some very tough choices over who to prioritize,” UNHCR spokesperson Melissa Fleming […]

Qatar gives $100 million in humanitarian aid to Syria

Qatar has given $100 million in aid to Syrians stricken by their country’s civil war, Qatar’s state news agency said on Thursday, the first tranche of at least $900 million pledged by Gulf Arab states. Four million people inside Syria need food, shelter and other aid, and more than 700,000 are estimated to have fled […]

Massive, influx of Syrian refugees to Lebanon stirs fears

Beirut, Lebanon – For many Lebanese, the massive, chaotic influx of Syrians fleeing their country’s civil war is evoking painful memories and real fear. They say the refugees pose far too much of a burden on this fragile nation still recovering from its own civil war — nearly a quarter-century ago. According to the United […]