Okaz: Syrian Interior minster died from his wounds

Syria’s interior minister who was wounded in a Damascus bombing has died of his wounds and was replaced by General Rustom Ghazali , a Free Syrian Army ( FSA) source told the Saudi Arabian newspaper Okaz. Lebanon media reported last December 26 that Shaar headed home on a private jet after treatment in Beirut

MP Jarrah: Syrian minister must be tried as war criminal

March 14 MP Jamal al-Jarrah called for providing all the medical assistance required for treating the Syrian Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim al Shaar because this falls under the heading of humanitarian help . He confirmed in a statement to the Al Jamhouriya newspaper that after he recovers completely he must must be handed over […]

AUH doctor: Syrian minister suffers from burns, shrapnel

One of the doctors treating Syrian Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim al-Shaar at the American University Hospital in Beirut was quoted by National News Agency as saying ” “He is in a stable condition . He suffers from burns and shrapnel and will not need surgery but needs to be observed and treated.”

Syrian Interior minister Shaar was also killed in bombing

Syrian Interior minister General Mohammad ibrahim Shaar was also killed in the suicide bombing according to a report by al Arabiya. This report comes after the news that Dawoud Rajiha, Syrian Minister of Defense was killed in the suicide bombing that targeted National Security building in Damascus during