Swedish DM calls Saudi regime a ‘dictatorship’

Sweden’s minister for defense Karin Enström, slammed by human rights organizations for refusing to call Saudi Arabia a “dictatorship”, has been forced to change her mind on the issue. “We don’t make up lists of countries, but it is clear that it isn’t a democracy,

Swedish cartoonist’s home is attacked

More trouble for the Swedish cartoonist who sparked controversy by drawing the Prophet Mohammed. Police say arsonists tried to burn down his home in Sweden last night. Lars Vilks wasn’t home, nobody was injured, and the damage turned out to be fairly minor, reports AFP via Deutsch Welle. Still, “Probably I can’t live there anymore,” […]

UN: Thousands fled Iran since June election

The United Nations says more than 4,200 Iranians world-wide have sought refugee status since Iran’s controversial June presidential vote and bloody street violence. After sometimes spending weeks hiding in and hopping between safe houses, Iranians have turned up in countries as far away as Australia, Canada and Sweden. They typically seek refugee status. “What good […]