Assad told Hariri: “I will destroy Lebanon on your and Jumblatt’s head”, Update 2

  After testifying Tuesday at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon about Syria’s hegemony over Lebanon and revealed some the factors that led to the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005, MP Marwan Hamadeh resumed on Wednesday his testimony before STL , focusing  on the pressure that Syrian president Bashar al Assad exerted […]

Syrian regime forced Hariri to sell his An Nahar shares

After testifying Monday  at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon that the conflict over the Syrian presence in Lebanon had paved the way for the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005,  MP Marwan Hamadeh resumed on Tuesday his testimony before STL , focusing on Syria’s hegemony over Lebanon, according to Lebanese media reports . […]

STL pointing to Syria as being ultimately behind Hariri assassination

The defense lawyers at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, said they had received evidence linking Syrian President Bashar Assad ‘s phone to the 2005 bombing that killed former PM Rafik Hariri . Similarly Lebanon’s interior minister Nouhad Mashnouk directly linked Assad to Hariri’s assassination , during a speech on Friday. “Bashar Assad had direct contact […]

Patriarch Rai’s visit to Syria draws mixed reactions

Lebanon’s Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai’s visit to Syria this Sunday drew mixed reactions in Lebanon. While president Michel Suleiman praised it and urged against politicizing it , March 14 General Secretariat coordinator Fares Soueid rejected it on the basis that it could subject the Christians of Syria to danger.

Hamadeh denounces Al-Akhbar threats against his life

March 14 MP Marwan Hamadeh denounced on Monday the threats against his life by the Al-Akhbar , a pro Hezbollah led March 8 alliance newspaper . Hamadeh’s remarks come after Ibrahim al-Amin the editor-in-chief of the Al-Akhbar commented in his editorial column published earlier in the day “your [Hamadeh’s] days are numbered”.

Referring Hassan’s murder to STL is up to UN, Youssef

The decision for referring the assassination of Internal Security Forces Intelligence Bureau head Brigadier General Wissam al-Hassan to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon is up to the United Nations Security Council, STL spokesman Marten Youssef told As Safir newspaper in remarks published on Tuesday. If the United Nations Security Council decides to refer this crime […]