‘Bodies on the streets’ in Syrian crackdown

Human rights activists and residents of Homs, Syria’s third largest city, are reporting intense gunfire as security forces conduct raids and arrests. A resident told the Reuters news agency by phone that the army fired at worshippers in eastern Khalidiya district as they left the Khaled Ibn al-Walid mosque

Syrian Intelligence using Twitter to cyberbully and obstruct protests

Syrian state intelligence, or the Mukhabarat, is upping it’s information warfare game. Instead of generating bad PR by blocking websites or solely relying on going after online activists and attempting to hack their accounts, Mukhabarat initially resorted to cyber bullying and intimidation tactics using newly created twitter accounts.

Gaddafi forces targeting Facebook users, raiding houses in Tripoli

In an attempt to seek revenge on the protesters, Moammar Gadhafi’s regime has turned its fury on those it blames for stoking the anti-government uprising: Libyan youths who spread revolution on Facebook and Twitter. A resident of Tripoli who spoke on the condition of anonymity said his neighbor was arrested because he had been posting […]

Syrians on Facebook try to organize a revolution

A Facebook page has called for mass protests in Syria and in several Western countries against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad. The organisers of the page, which had 25,000 fans early on Saturday, said the date for demonstrations to be held “in all Syrian cities” was being carefully studied and “will be determined in […]