Syria peace talks effort stalls, report

Beirut, Lebanon — Fledgling efforts to promote peace talks in the Syrian conflict appear to have stalled, even as the death toll rises daily and the rebellion nears its second anniversary. The major exile opposition group, irate over what it calls a “shameful” global silence about the bloodshed, has announced that it will not attend […]

Syrian opposition calls world inaction “shameful”

Syria’s opposition leaders have turned their back on international talks, saying the world’s failure to stop the violence is “shameful”. In advance of another round of meetings over the crisis – namely, the Friends of Syria meeting in Rome and scheduled talks in Russia and the US – the opposition leaders have said they will […]

UNIFIL: No sight of scud missiles

UNIFIL spokesman Niraj Singh stressed in an interview published Friday that U.N. peacekeepers have not spotted any “scud missiles” in their area of operation. “UNIFIL has not seen any Scud missiles in its area of operation,” Singh told Pan-Arab Asharq al-Awsat newspaper. Singh described the situation on the southern border as “generally quiet,” pointing out […]

Evidence of Hezbollah arms depots in Syria exposed

Hezbollah is running weapons, including surface-to-surface missiles, from secret arms depots in Syria to its bases in Lebanon, according to security sources. The Times has been shown satellite images of one of the sites, a compound near the town of Adra, northeast of Damascus, where militants have their own living quarters, an arms storage site […]

Hariri denies supporting scuds for Hezbollah

The pro-Syrian Lebanese newspaper As-Safir reported Tuesday that Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri supports Hezbollah obtaining Scud missiles. In a statement, the press office stressed that all quotes attributed to the prime minister in As Safir daily fall in “the context of hearsay and are incorrect.” The statement added : “I don’t disagree with Hezbollah […]

UNIFIL: No evidence of Hezbollah Scuds in south Lebanon

UNIFIL Major General Alberto Asarta Cuevas was quoted by An-Nahar newspaper as saying.”We have no evidence of any Scud missiles in UNIFIL’s area of operations” in southern Lebanon. “These missiles are large and difficult to hide,” he added. Israeli President Shimon Peres accused in April Syria of supplying Hezbollah with long-range Scud missiles, a charge […]

Israeli intelligence: Hezbollah Scuds tip of iceberg

Israeli head of the Military Intelligence’s (MI) research department Brig.-Gen. Yossi Baidatz reportedly said on Tuesday, “Weapons are transferred to Hezbollah on a regular basis and this transfer is organized by the Syrian and Iranian regimes. Therefore, it should not be called smuggling of arms to Lebanon – it is organized and official transfer.” He […]

Peres: Israel has proof that Syria transferred scuds to Hezbollah

Israeli President Shimon Peres said Sunday during a meeting with Denmark’s Foreign Minister Lene Espersen that Israel had clear-cut proof that Syria had transferred Scud missiles to Hezbollah “Israel has clear proof that long-range, accurate Scud missiles have been transferred from Syria to Hezbollah, and there is no doubt about it,” Israeli media quoted Peres […]