MP Ghanem calls orthodox law unconstitutional, divisive

MP Robert Ghanem warned during a press conference on Monday against the adoption of the so-called Orthodox Gathering proposed electoral law stressing it is unconstitutional and would isolate the Lebanese sects. He called for the adoption of an electoral draft-law that guarantees the best representation for all.

Ghanem: Municipal elections will divide the Lebanese again

MP Robert Ghanem said the country is moving towards reconciliation, pacification and meetings, and that holding the municipal elections will divide the people again and this we can do without at this stage .” In an interview with MTV Ghanem explained that the municipal election laws should be amended such as the election of the […]

The vote of confidence debate part I

Lebanon’s PM Saad Hariri read the cabinet policy statement and MP Michel Aoun started the debate saying : Sectarianism doesn’t produce corruption, but corruption encourages sectarianism. He added : “A lot of steps should be taken before abolishing confessionalism in politics,” citing Turkey as an example. Speaker Nabih Berri responded to Aoun by saying: I […]