Confusion over the identity of the dead Iranian commander

An Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander has been killed inside Syria by rebels battling Iran’s close ally President Bashar Assad. The commander was identified as Gen. Hassan Shateri, by several Iranian websites But the Iranian embassy in Lebanon identified the dead man as Hessam Khoshnevis and said he was

Iranian commander killed in Syria on his way to Lebanon

The Iranian Embassy in Lebanon reported that the head of the “Iranian agency responsible for rebuilding Lebanon” was killed on the Beirut-Damascus road but did not reveal any other details . According to a report by Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV the Iranian official was killed on Syrian soil on his way back from Damascus

Hezbollah’s deployment in Syria means Iran’s worried

BEIRUT, Lebanon- Hezbollah’s reported deployment of “military advisers” in Syria to aid its beleaguered ally, President Bashar Assad, suggests his regime’s war against rebels isn’t going well and that Iran, Hezbollah’s patron, is worried it could lose Syria, its key Arab ally.

Syria’s chemical weapons moved, says US Defense chief

Intelligence suggests the Syrian government has moved some of its chemical weapons in order to protect them, but the U.S. believes that the main sites remain secure, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Friday, indicating there are lingering questions about what exactly happened to some of the weapons.

Explosion in Iran killed at least 15 soldiers

An accidental explosion at a Revolutionary Guard ammunition depot west of Tehran killed at least 15 soldiers on Saturday, officials said. The explosion occurred while military personnel were transporting munitions at a base, said Guard spokesman Gen. Ramazan Sharif. The base is outside Bidganeh village, 25 miles southwest of the capital.