More than 80 killed in Wave of violence in Iraq

A wave of shootings and bombings that Iraqi officials said bore the hallmarks of al Qaeda killed more than 80 people and wounded more than 270 across the country Thursday. Insurgents carried out attacks in Baghdad and Kirkuk, Salaheddin, Anbar, Wasit and Diyala provinces, according to police and Interior Ministry officials

Hariri: Hope Ramadan will end suffering of Syrian people

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri said Saturday that he hopes the holy month of Ramadan would bring an end to the suffering of the Syrian people. “I wish this Holy month will spell the end of suffering of the Syrian people at the hand of the brutal regime, and will mark the beginning of their […]

Morsi urges Egyptians to work during Ramadan

President Mohamed Morsi on Friday urged Egyptians to overcome the usual lethargy associated with the fasting month of Ramadan and keep up “work and production.” Morsi, who was sworn in last month as Egypt’s first elected civilian president, attended Friday prayer at a mosque in his hometown of Zagazig in the Nile Delta to greetings […]