Lebanon Elections might be postponed, says Charbel

Lebanese Interior Minister Marwan Charbel told LBC television on Sunday that the 2013 parliamentary elections could be postponed if no agreement is reached on a new electoral law and if the security situation in Lebanon is not stable. “If a new electoral law, other than the current 1960 law, is not agreed upon and the […]

March 14 MP: Proportionality impossible amid Hezbollah arms

March 14 MP Ammar Houri told MTV on Saturday that proportional representation was impossible in Lebanon amid Hezbollah’s controversial military arsenal. “ An electoral law centered around proportionality is a fine voting system for a stable society,” Houri said.

FPM MP attacks the March 14 draft electoral law

March 14 MPs Georges Adwan, Boutros Harb and Sami Gemayel submitted a draft electoral law based on 50 districts and proportional representation to the Parliament’s General Secretariat on Thursday morning, according to LBCI. This development comes as the joint parliamentary committees convened for the second time

Geagea pushing for smaller districts in a new electoral law

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea revealed on Tuesday that he has been in contact with Hezbollah and AMAL leaderships over the adoption of small electoral districts in a new parliamentary electoral law , stressing it will be more just for the Lebanese people, according to a report by the Central News Agency CNA.

Lebanon president inks the new electoral draft law

President Michel Suleiman signed on Saturday the new electoral draft law that was approved by the cabinet and referred it to the parliament, National News Agency reported . Lebanon’s Cabinet approved earlier in August the electoral draft law that called for proportional representation and divided the country into 13 districts.

Lebanon: Reaction to the new electoral law

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati was reportedly surprised by Future Movement’s “reaction” to the cabinet’s approval of a draft electoral law based on proportionality. Mikati told As-Safir newspaper in a report published on thursday.“The reaction is unjustified and cannot be understood because the draft law is not yet implemented.

Gemayel rejects new Electoral Law

Phalange Party’s Central Committee Coordinator MP Sami Gemayel, told MTV on Wednesday that he rejects the draft electoral law adopted by the cabinet, stressing that it was tailored to serve the electoral interests of the ruling Hezbollah led March 8 coalition and predicting that “it will be defeated in parliament.”

Geagea: Electoral law favors March 8, urges small districts

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea  said during  a press conference  on Wednesday that the new electoral law  favors the Hezbollah-led March 8 alliance .  He called for smaller electoral districts to ensure proper representation during the 2013 parliamentary election.