Rebels try to win the hearts of the Syrian people

Syrian rebels steal diesel from army trucks to give to the poor, form councils to restore basic services, fix power lines and make sure bakeries have flour for bread. But the attempts to win over public opinion come with a flip side, with the fighters increasingly accused of circulating

UN: Syrian refugees top 200,000 as exodus grows

More than 200,000 Syrians have poured into neighbouring countries during the conflict, surpassing the 185,000 the U.N. refugee agency had expected to flee by the end of the year. The total reflects an increase of about 30,000 in the past week alone to Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan,

Update: The mounting Syrian refugee crisis

Nearly a year and a half after the start of the Syrian uprising, tens of thousands of people have fled the country. Until recently, most found shelter in homes with friends, relatives and even strangers. But as the numbers increase, several neighbouring countries are opening new camps to accommodate them.

Syrian refugees raise tensions in neighboring countries

Beirut, Lebanon – In the last few days, thousands of Syrians have poured across the borders of neighboring countries, fleeing increasing violence in their homeland but creating tension elsewhere. More than 170,000 Syrians have sought sanctuary in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq,at least 12,000 of them just in the last three days

Lebanon breaks with past in Syrian bomb probe

A plot hatched by Damascus and allegedly aimed at igniting a Lebanese civil war through a series of bomb attacks has come as little surprise in a nation where blame for political violence has often been laid at Syria’s door. The shock is that the Lebanese authorities have indicted someone, not least a friend of […]

Syrian protesters call on Assad to hold elections

Syrian anti-government protesters called on President Bashar Assad to hold elections within six months, saying he could transform the country. The cyber-activist moderators of the Syrian Revolution 2011 Facebook page posted a statement Saturday appealing to Assad.