ISIS has a new ally in Pakistan

A spokesperson for Jundullah , a splinter group of Pakistan’s Taliban, confirmed on Monday the group’s support to Islamic State (Isis). “They (Islamic State) are our brothers, whatever plan they have we will support them,” Jundullah spokesperson Fahad Marwat told Reuters. The allegiance was announced after Jundallah met a three-man IS delegation led by al […]

U.S. combat operations in Afghanistan to end this spring

President Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai said today that most U.S. combat operations in Afghanistan would end this spring, signaling a quickening troop drawdown that will bring the decade-long war to a close at the end of 2014. “Our troops will continue to fight alongside Afghans when needed, but let me say it as […]

More Than 300 People Die in 2 Pakistan Fires

Over 300 people were killed when fires engulfed two factories in two major cities, renewing concerns about lax building safety measures and dismal working conditions for factory workers in Pakistan. The fires broke out Tuesday evening and swept through a shoe factory in the eastern city of Lahore and a garment factory in the southern […]

20 Shiites forced off buses and killed in Pakistan

A Pakistani official says gunmen forced 20 Shiites off buses in northern Pakistan and killed them. The police official said the incident happened Thursday in the Naran Valley. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was worried about retribution. The Deputy Inspector General of police in Gilgit, Ali Sher, said the victims were […]

Iran: Abrupt Assad fall would be “catastrophic”

Iran said an abrupt end to the rule of President Bashar al-Assad would have catastrophic consequences for his country, as Tehran pushed ahead with a diplomatic meeting of allies it says is the best way of resolving the intensifying conflict in Syria. Nations with “a correct and realistic position” would attend a meeting on Thursday […]