IAEA mission to Iran ends in failure

U.N. nuclear officials conceded failure on Tuesday after an extraordinary, two-day visit to Iran yielded no progress in clearing up allegations about the country’s pursuit of nuclear weapons technology. A spokesman for the International Atomic Energy Agency said a delegation from the U.N. nuclear watchdog was returning home

IAEA fears Iran working now on nuclear warhead

The U.N. nuclear watchdog said on Thursday it feared Iran may be working now to develop a nuclear-armed missile, as Washington warned Tehran of “consequences” for ignoring international demands to stop its atomic program. In unusually blunt language, an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report for the first time suggested Iran was actively pursuing nuclear […]

US and Russia want a new arms treaty that should bring deep cuts in nuclear warheads

The US and Russia say they want a new nuclear arms treaty that should bring deep cuts in nuclear warheads, to enter force at soon as possible, after failing to agree a successor to the Start I pact. The nations uphold the “spirit” of the 1991 Cold War-era treaty despite its end, the US and […]