U.S. again rules out no-fly zones in Syria

The White House said Monday that it was not prepared to enter into a deal with Turkey to establish a no-fly zone inside Syria. U.S. officials have repeatedly expressed a willingness to consider no-fly zones that would protect Syrian civilians and some rebels from both the Islamic State and the regime of Syrian President Bashar […]

Qatar emir calls on Arabs to intervene in Syria:UN

The emir of Qatar called on Arab nations Tuesday to form a political and military coalition to intervene in Syria to stop the bloodshed there, posing a direct challenge to U.N. efforts to resolve the conflict through negotiations. “We have used all available means to get Syria out of the cycle of killing, but that […]

LEBANON-SYRIA: The refugee minefield

Progress in terms of providing more and better aid to the steady influx of Syrian refugees in Lebanon is being held back by government indecision stemming from fears that the ongoing violence in Syria may destabilize the country’s fragile

Damascus Car Bomb Kills Four, report

A car bomb exploded in southeast Damascus on Monday, killing four people, including a child, Syrian opposition groups claimed. The Local Coordination Committees activist network said in a written statement that the explosion had caused a “large amount of damage and destruction

International or US intervention in Syria appears unlikely

A sharp escalation in fighting and civilian deaths in Syria, pleas for help from rebel fighters and a tide of war-zone refugees are focusing American attention on a high-stakes Mideast conflict nine weeks before the U.S. presidential election.

Survey: Syrian opposition want ‘no-fly’ zone

Members of the Syrian opposition support international armed intervention in their country, including establishing a “no-fly” zone, humanitarian corridors and training Free Syrian Army fighters, but they do not support an international presence on the ground, a survey showed.

U.S., Turkey to study Syria no-fly zone

The United States and Turkey indicated they were studying a range of possible measures over Syria, including a no-fly zone, as battles between rebels and President Bashar al-Assad’s forces shook Aleppo and the heart of Damascus. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said after meeting her Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu

Arab League gives Syria new ultimatum, calls for UN support

The Arab League on Thursday served a new ultimatum on Damascus, giving it less than 24 hours to allow monitors into the country or face sanctions, while for the first time calling on the United Nations to help resolve the crisis. The ultimatum, issued at the end of a crisis meeting of Arab foreign ministers […]

Syrian opposition calls for no-fly zone to protect civilians

A coalition representing dozens of Syrian opposition groups called Tuesday for the international community to back a no-fly zone to protect civilians from a crackdown by President Bashar Al Assad’s regime. The Syrian Revolution General Commission, a coalition representing some 40 opposition blocs protesting what they call ‘crimes against humanity’