The vote of confidence debate part III

Lebanon Speaker Nabih Berri resumed part III of the parliamentary session at around 10:30 to debate the Ministerial Statement and grant the vote of confidence to the cabinet of PM Saad Hariri

Berri: The resistance is a non-negotiable issue

In remarks published Tuesday by the daily As-Safir, Lebanon Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri who is a key ally of the Iranian and Syrian backed Hezbollah movement stressed that the resistance issue was not a subject for bargaining. “I will not back down on this demand because the issue is not only linked to the future […]

The vote of confidence debate part I

Lebanon’s PM Saad Hariri read the cabinet policy statement and MP Michel Aoun started the debate saying : Sectarianism doesn’t produce corruption, but corruption encourages sectarianism. He added : “A lot of steps should be taken before abolishing confessionalism in politics,” citing Turkey as an example. Speaker Nabih Berri responded to Aoun by saying: I […]

CNA: Lebanon cabinet will gain the vote of confidence of 120 MPs

The Lebanese cabinet of Prime Minister Saad Hariri will gain the vote of confidence of more than 120 MPs and the number of Mps who asked to speak so far has reached 53. The issue of the resistance and particularly the weapons outside the authority of the State will be the main subject for discussion. […]

Berri: Parliament to meet next Tuesday over confidence vote

Speaker Nabih Berri called on Thursday for holding a day parliamentary session starting Tuesday December 8, to discuss the Ministerial Policy Statement and to hold the vote of confidence or Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s 30-member Cabinet. According to observers most of the discussion will center around article 6 and Hezbollah arms. Several Christian ministers have […]