Municipal election: Sidon headed toward an election battle

Two major groups announced they were competing for Sidon municipal elections set for May 23 . Mohammed al-Saudi tried but failed to forge consensus list and will now be facing the “Popular Will” list which is backed by the Popular Nasserite Organization. The “Popular Will” is headed by Abdul Rahman al-Ansari and includes Mona Maarouf […]

Municipal Election: Saudi may announce his Sidon list Saturday

Last night a meeting was held in Sidon at the residence of Mohammad al-Saudi who heads the consensus and development electoral list. Former PM Fouad Siniora, MP Bahia Hariri , several Future officials and many municipal candidates. According to an Nahar the meeting lasted for 1 hour and that Saudi may announce his electoral list […]

Municipal elections: Consensus in sidon collapses

It appears that efforts to reach a consensus agreement over the municipal elections in Sidon ( Saida) have reached a dead end. Mohammed al-Saudi, head of Sidon’s Consensus electoral list, stressed Friday that he is no longer interested in any dialogue . “We want a cooperating and consolidated council that comprises competent members who can […]

Municipal election: Consensus agreement in Zghorta collapsed

A compromise agreement between Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh and head of the Independent Movement Michel Moawwad has collapsed, leaving the stage open for an election battle in Zghorta in north Lebanon. Franjieh has voiced reservations after the two sides agreed to form a coalition based on parliamentary election results in Zghorta where Franjieh would […]

Aoun’s candidate ranked 43 out of 75 in Zahle election

General Michel Aoun’s pick for Zahle municipal election was the big loser , while his former ally Elie Skaff was the big winner Official results released by the interior ministry revealed that “Zahle Decision” list which was backed by former MP Skaff won 19 of the city’s 21 Municipality membership seats , while the other […]

Houri: No dispute with Baroud

MP Ammar Houri said Tuesday that “there was no dispute” with Baroud. His comment came after criticizing Lebanon’s Interior Minister Ziad Baroud last Sunday over the municipal elections in Beirut Houri said he appreciated the minister’s role in the elections. The March 14 MP said he criticized 2 remarks that the minister made: