Lebanese went to polls as Israel launched its defense drill

South Lebanon went to the polls on Sunday as Israel held a defense drill across the border. The Municipal election in Lebanon took place despite the Israel launch of a five-day nationwide drill codenamed “Turning Point 4” that the military said aims to prepare the Israeli public for emergencies but is not linked to any […]

Municipal election update: Voter turnout in south Lebanon

NBN TV , which is own by Amal leader speaker Nabih Berri predicted that the lists which are backed by Hezbollah and Amal in Marjeyoun and other Shiite areas in south Lebanon will be victorious in Sunday’s municipal election NBN TV reported that the voter turnout in Jedeidat Marjeyoun reached 15.9 %, 56.15 % in […]

Municipal election update: Voter turnout in Jezzine reached 70%

Lebanon’s LBC TV reported that the voter turnout in the city of Jezzine reached 70 %, while the overall voter turnout in the district ( Qadaa) of Jezzine reached 60 %. Some polling stations reportedly are still open because of the long lines of voters that are still inside the stations. Officially the poling stations […]

Municipal election: Voter turnout in Sidon reached 50%

Voice of Lebanon Radio station reported at 6 pm that voter turnout in Sidon has exceeded 50 percent. Former PM and Sidon PM Fouad Siniora called on Sidon’s voters to “massively” head toward polling stations, and urged them to ignore the the intimidation attempts, saying victory in Sidon is just around the corner.