March 14, Jumblatt form committee on electoral law

March 14 MP Khaled Zahraman , a key member of Future Movement parliamentary bloc said on Sunday that a committee to agree on an electoral law for the 2013 elections and beyond was formed and it includes members from March 14’s Lebanese Forces, Future Movement and the National Struggle Front bloc.

Lebanon president inks the new electoral draft law

President Michel Suleiman signed on Saturday the new electoral draft law that was approved by the cabinet and referred it to the parliament, National News Agency reported . Lebanon’s Cabinet approved earlier in August the electoral draft law that called for proportional representation and divided the country into 13 districts.

Jumblatt relations with Hezbollah deteriorating

MP Walid Jumblatt’s relations with Hezbollah appear to be deteriorating. He said during an Iftar dinner in the Chouf region of Mt Lebanon over the weekend that his alliance with Hezbollah under the slogan of ‘Army, people and resistance,’ cannot continue at the expense of the state

Jumblatt warns over a March 8 victory in 2013 polls

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt warned on Saturday during an iftar dinner that he hosted at the Mukhtara palace that if March 8 wins the upcoming parliamentary elections, there will be no place for a state of law and order in Lebanon. “If March 8 wins the 2013 parliamentary elections, I do not […]

It is official: Karam wins Koura by-election

Lebanon Interior Minister Marwan Charbel announced Monday that Lebanese Forces candidate Fadi Karam won Sunday’s by-elections in the Koura district after he secured 12,412 votes. Charbel, who was speaking during a press conference, added that Karam’s main rival

LF-March 14 candidate wins the Koura by-election

Based on the preliminary results  of the Koura’s parliamentary by-elections to fill the Greek-Orthodox seat vacated by the late Lebanese Forces bloc MP Farid Habib who died last May , Dr. Fadi Karam won the election  with  12507  against 11262 for Walid al-Aazar

Hezbollah seeking to improve Aoun-Jumblatt ties

Hezbollah is reportedly seeking to improve ties between Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt and and its Christian ally Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Michel Aoun ahead of the 2013 parliamentary elections according to al-Hayat report on Sunday.