March 14 / PSP alliance wins Beirut Bar Association’s by-election

March 14  and Progressive Socialist  Party  ( PSP) coalition candidates won three out of four vacant seats at the Beirut Bar Association’s by-elections on  Sunday. Nada Talhouk, ,  Jack Abu Abdullah  and Charles Abi Saab from March 14 /PSP , and Fadi Haddad from March 8 won seats as syndicate members. Talhouk  who represented PSP won the largest […]

Shots fired in front of MP Alloush’s home in Tripoli

New TV reported  that an unknown assailant    fired shots from a military weapon in an unknown car in front of the home of former MP Mustafa Alloush in Tripoli. Dr Alloush is  a key member of the  March 14 alliance . Lebanon has been witnessing for several months a wave of assassinations starting with […]

sooner or later Hariri’s killers will be punished: son

The killers of Lebanon’s former premier Rafik Hariri will be punished “sooner or later,” his son Saad said on Thursday’s eighth anniversary of his father’s death, for which four Hezbollah members are being tried in absentia. “The (UN-backed) Special Tribunal for Lebanon is making progress and the criminals will be punished sooner or later.

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah: The rebels can’t win the war in Syria

Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said on Sunday during a student graduation ceremony that there is no way the rebels in Syria could win the war against President Bashar al-Assad. “If you are betting that the regime will fall in Syria, all your information is wrong. Do not build your information on wrong assumptions,” Hezbollah […]

Sakr proud of ties with Syrian revolution, calls foes ‘ axis of deceit’

Future Movement MP Okab Sakr said Thursday that he has the original recordings ( implicating him in arms transfers to Syrian rebels) and said the recordings that were broadcast in Lebanon were taken out of context and that he was actually negotiating the release of Lebanese kidnapped in Syria.

Mouawad: Forces of hell will not be able to defeat us

During a speech at a rally by Lebanon’s Independence Movement in Sydney Australia, Michel Mouawad the leader of the Movement said that the aim of the March 14 alliance is Muslim-Christian partnership in the face of extremism in all religions stressing that the opposition will not use arms in its fight because its aim is […]

Opposition: Nasrallah destroyed all chances for dialogue

The Future Movement parliamentary bloc blasted on Tuesday Hezbollah Leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech accusing him of destroying all chances for a national dialogue . “Nasrallah destroyed all chances to carry on with the national dialogue, especially after dividing the Lebanese into two