Falling oil prices hurt Lebanese economy too says Salameh

You would think that Lebanon would  benefit  greatly from the falling oil prices  , since  it  import all its  needs , but not according to  Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh. According to him  falling oil prices reduce the remittances Lebanon  receives from  the Lebanese people who work  in the Arabian Gulf countries . Salameh  said the bank is introducing measures […]

Secret British role in halting ISIL ‘massacre’ in Lebanon

A British team has secretly saved a Christian town in Lebanon from advancing Isil forces by constructing a network of watchtowers, The Telegraph can disclose. The clandestine British squad worked at speed to coordinate the huge effort to build 12 towers — with more planned — along the border with Syria to prevent the forces […]

World renowned Lebanese Singer Feiruz Pays Tribute to Sabah, Said Akl

World renowned Lebanese Singer Feiruz failed to make any statements following her fellow artist Sabah’s death even though the pair, along with Wadih al-Safi who died last year, forms the three main pillars upon which the country’s artistry is built. Feiruz, who makes sure to stay away from the media and public appearances, broke her […]

M8 praises Hariri’s support for dialogue with Hezbollah

March 8 officials praised former Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s support for a dialogue with Hezbollah Friday, with the hope that  the talks between the two rival parties would help defuse the Sunni-Shiite tensions. In an interview with LBCI TV at his Paris residence Thursday night, Hariri said he was serious about a dialogue between his Future Movement […]

Execution of abducted soldier postponed as Lebanon cabinet mulls direct negotiations

The al-Qaida-linked al-Nusra Front retracted  its decision on Friday to execute captive soldier Ali al-Bazzal  and the cabinet decided to have direct negotiations with the abductors . Health Minister Wael Abou Faour confirmed al-Nusra decision, saying it has postponed the execution. “The cabinet  stresses its serious efforts to resolve the case of captive servicemen through […]

Lebanese icon Said Akl dies at 103

Lebanese  poet, writer, playwright and language reformer Said Akl passed away at the age of 102, the National News Agency reported on Friday. His funeral will be held  on Tuesday, December 2 at the Saint Georges Cathedral in downtown Beirut at 11:30 am, according to Notre Dame University. Akl was born on July 4,  1911   […]

Lebanon’s FM warns over Cyprus becoming a Jihadi gateway

Lebanon’s foreign minister says more attention should be paid to the possibility of Cyprus becoming a gateway for aspiring foreign jihadis to transit in and out of the Middle East. Foreign Minister Gibran Bassil warned after talks Wednesday with his Cypriot counterpart Ioannis Kasoulides that the small island nation could be used “as a European […]

French delegation in Lebanon to finalize weapons needed by army

A 30 member French delegation of state and military officials is in Lebanon to finalize the list of military equipment that should be provided by France under the $3 billion Saudi Arabian grant that was finalized earlier this month, An-Nahar newspaper reported on Wednesday An-Nahar revealed that the list of equipment includes two kinds of […]

Lebanon to shut down several dairies for violating food safety regulations

Economy Minister Alain Hakim announced on Tuesday that his ministry will shut down several dairy factories for violating food safety regulations . This is reportedly inline with the campaign led by Health Minister Wael Abou Faour who has been shutting down violating restaurants and institutions. “These factories committed serious, first degree violations that directly affect […]