Can Lebanon’s vineyards survive the spillover from Syria’s war

“The day that we are not allowed to make wine in Batroun is the day Lebanon is finished as a country,” says Hady Kahale of IXSIR winery, up the Mediterranean coast near Batroun, where Nissan-Renault CEO and business guru Carlos Ghosn is an investor, making wine from six different high-altitude vineyards of up to 1,800m….. “That […]

Russia’s Bogdanov concluded his Lebanon visit after meeting Hezbollah chief

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov concluded his visit to  Lebanon  on Sunday  after meeting  with  Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah  at an  undisclosed location as part of his  four-day trip to the region, which focused on finding a peaceful solution to the Syrian civil war. Bogdanov, who arrived  arrived in Beirut on Thursday met with  several Lebanese leaders, […]

Israel jets strike near Damascus: Updates

Israeli jets launched strikes against two security sites near the Damascus on Sunday, including one near the capital’s international airport, Syria’s state-news agency reported. The agency said Israel had committed an “aggression” against Syria by “targeting two security areas in the outskirts of Damascus.” The agency said the two sites were in Dimas and near […]

Lebanese block roads to demand release of soldiers

Families of Lebanese soldiers held by militants blocked roads in Beirut and highways between major cities on Saturday, pressing the government to do more to free them. More than two dozen members of the Lebanese security forces are being held by Sunni Islamists. One leading Sunni militant, Abu Ali al-Shishani, has pledged to attack Lebanese […]

Al-Qaeda linked Nusra Front kills captive Lebanese Policeman

The Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s wing in Syria, has killed a captive Lebanese policeman and vowed to kill more in retaliation for the arrests by Lebanese authorities of women identified as wives of the groups’ fighters. In a video posted online on Friday by an account affiliated with the group, a Nusra commander said the group […]

Capture of IS chief’s ex-wife a coup for fragile Lebanon

By: VENETIA RAINEY Beirut, Lebanon – There is no longer any point in saying Lebanon is “on the brink”. The tiny Mediterranean country has been described as such for years, and it has proven itself more than able to soldier on – with help from the international community. These last few days have shown the […]

Jihadi hostage-taking: Could it get out of control in Lebanon?

By Nicholas Blanford While the world has been transfixed – and horrified – by the gruesome and chilling hostage dramas played out in the Middle East these past months, Lebanon has been gripped by its own increasingly convoluted kidnapping crisis. The lives of some 26 Lebanese soldiers and policemen hang in the balance as the […]

Dialogue is the hot issue in Lebanon

While war is raging  in  neighboring Syria and Iraq, in Lebanon the hot issue is the upcoming dialogue talks between Hezbollah and Future Movement that are  expected to lead to peace between the Shiites and the Sunnis in Lebanon. Almost all the Lebanese politicians from the two rival camps ( M8 and M14) have welcomed the anticipated […]

Lebanon confirms holding Baghdadi’s ex wife , daughter

DNA tests confirm Lebanon is holding the young daughter of Islamic State (IS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the country’s interior minister says. Nohad Machnouk told Lebanon’s MTV television that the child’s mother, who is also in custody, was now believed to be one of Baghdadi’s ex-wives. On Tuesday, Lebanese security officials said they had detained […]

Lebanese soldier killed while dismantling bomb near Syria

A Lebanese soldier was killed while dismantling an explosive device outside the town of Arsal on the border with Syria on Wednesday, security sources said. The death comes a day after gunmen who crossed from Syria into the nearby mountainous border town of Ras Baalbek killed six Lebanese soldiers when they ambushed a patrol near […]