Syrian War Tests Unity of Military in Lebanon

BEIRUT , Lebanon – As spillover from the civil war in Syria increasingly threatens Lebanon’s stability, the Lebanese military remains weak, hindered by a lack of political support to confront security issues, low morale and a struggle against the pull of volatile sectarian politics.

MP Fatfat: There is a rebellion against the army’s leadership

March 14 MP Ahmad Fatfat on Tuesday held Lebanese army chief Jean Kahwaji responsible for Monday’s protest in the Kesrouan town of Sarba. “Army members were present with the protesters and they did not take any measures to end the protest,” Fatfat told Voice of Lebanon “This means there is rebellion against the army’s leadership,” […]

Lebanese troops attacked by gunmen in Baalbek

A Lebanese army patrol was fired on in Baalbek’s neighborhood of Sherawneh, the National News Agency reported on Tuesday, adding that soldiers were injured. The army heavily deployed in the area following the shooting, according to the report, adding that the attack came after the army arrested one of the “most dangerous wanted” people in […]

Lebanese Army denies reports that Hezbollah prevented it from inspecting weapons shipment

The Lebanese army denied a media report that Hizbullah members have prevented it from inspecting a truck loaded with weapons in the western Bekaa valley. MP Antoine Saad said in remarks published on Sunday that the Lebanese army was stopped by members of Hezbollah from inspecting a truck loaded with drugs in the Bekaa town […]

Mikati: Al Qaeda cell uncovered in Lebanese Army

The Lebanese military has evidence that an al-Qaida group was operating within its ranks, the country’s prime minister declared. Lebanese Prime Minister Nijab Mikati said military authorities uncovered a terrorist cell in its ranks. The group, believed to be tied to the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, was allegedly planning attacks on military barracks.