Number of Syrian refugees triples in three months, UN

The UN refugee agency announced Tuesday that the number of Syrians registered or awaiting registration as refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq has passed 300,000, triple the level of just three months ago. “The latest figures show a total regional registered population of more than 311,500 Syrian refugees

Deadliest day of the Syrian uprising. Over 370 killed

At least 370 people were reported dead Saturday in Syria, marking the highest single-day death toll since the start of the uprising, according to opposition activists. With one week left to go, August is already the deadliest month. Here are some of the other key developments

Rebels needs 2 months to topple Assad regime, interview

Malik al-Kurdi, deputy commander of the Free Syrian Army, has told Al Jazeera the government of Bashar al-Assad “cannot destroy the will of the people”, and that opposition fighters only need another two months to take the regime down.

Assad’s fall presents Turkey with another dilemma

Turkey, long the organising hub of the Syrian uprising against Bashar al-Assad, may have bitten off more than it can chew. It is not just that any shot fired in Syria echoes around the region. One possible consequence of the post-Assad world is suddenly becoming

In Scenarios for a Post-Assad Syria, Fear of Chaos

Standing just a few strides from the Syrian border, an Iraqi was mingling with Syrian rebel units outside their camp here, trying to find one that would take him in and let him fight in the uprising.