Jihadi hostage-taking: Could it get out of control in Lebanon?

By Nicholas Blanford While the world has been transfixed – and horrified – by the gruesome and chilling hostage dramas played out in the Middle East these past months, Lebanon has been gripped by its own increasingly convoluted kidnapping crisis. The lives of some 26 Lebanese soldiers and policemen hang in the balance as the […]

Analysis: Keeping the Lid on Lebanon

The news that the European Union is again debating whether to put Hezbollah, Lebanon’s dominant political and military force, on its terrorist list is deeply worrying. The move, which reflects growing international pressure on Hezbollah following a recent intensification of U.S. sanctions — risks disturbing the fragile country’s uneasy peace.

Lebanese army frees four Syrian hostages

Lebanese security forces freed four Syrian hostages on Tuesday in a raid on a powerful Shi’ite Muslim clan, which kidnapped more than 20 people last month. The four told a Lebanese television station they had been tortured when they were held by the armed wing of the Meqdad clan and were forced to confess they […]

Families of the 11 abducted Lebanese to protest in Baabda

The families of the 11 Lebanese pilgrims kidnapped in Syria are planning a protest near the presidential palace in Baabda , east of the capital Beirut starting at 11:00 am Tuesday. Their aim is to protest against the ” failure of the Lebanese government and president Michel Suleiman in securing their release” and will urge […]