U.N. Urges Arab World to Denounce Islamic State

The United Nations’ top human rights official called on the Muslim world to denounce the “monstrous” crimes of the extremist group that seeks to establish an Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, calling its actions both a violation of international law and Islamic tenets. Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, a member of the Jordanian royal family […]

Islamic State video fuels concerns about foreign jihadis

Several of the jihadis appearing in a new Islamic State video of the beheadings of a dozen captives, including American aid worker Abdul-Rahman Kassig, appear to be French and British. The European residence of the jihadis is likely to add further pressure on European governments to crack down on their citizens fighting in the Middle […]

ISIS postpones execution of Lebanon hostages, says Abu Faour

Beirut, Lebanon- “Some calls were made, and the threat has been delayed,” Health Minister Wael Abu Faour told reporters after he visited families of captive servicemen who were protesting near Beirut’s Saifi neighborhood. “We gained some time. I can only say that we gained some time, nothing more.” The protesters re-opened the roads across Lebanon […]

ISIS video ‘sign of desperation’, say analysts

Like a wounded animal lashing out in fury, ISIS is betraying hints of desperation in its latest video, which purportedly shows the aftermath of the beheading of U.S. hostage Peter Kassig, analysts said Sunday. And if there’s news worse than the apparent brutal death of Kassig, it’s that we should expect even more vicious videos […]

Islamic State sets sights on Saudi Arabia

The leadership of Islamic State (IS) has no intention of standing still. In a 17-minute audio message, purportedly from its elusive leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the group sets its sights firmly on Saudi Arabia, birthplace of Islam and the world’s largest oil producer and exporter. The speaker does not refer to it as Saudi Arabia, […]

ISIS suffers setbacks in Iraq as it loses territory and fighters

By Tim Lister Is the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) finally beginning to feel the pressure?  The first signs are emerging that a combination of coalition airstrikes and more assertive Iraqi and Kurdish forces are forcing ISIS to change its behavior, and inflicting serious losses of both territory and fighters. Analysts tell CNN […]

Lebanon is the only country that defeated Islamic State, declared Czech FM

Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek praised on Wednesday The Lebanese army and declared that Lebanon is the only country that was able to defeat the Islamic State. He was referring to the battles in Arsal in eastern Lebanon and in the northern capital Tripoli. Zaoralek who arrived in Beirut on Wednesday on a two-day visit […]

Obama not sure whether Iran nuclear deal is possible

President Barack Obama said Wednesday he would work with Congress on new war powers to fight Islamic State militants and expressed cautious optimism about whether the international face-off over Iran’s nuclear program will be resolved — two issues that could prove harder for the White House to maneuver with Republicans in charge on Capitol Hill. […]